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Published on: September 16, 2023 | Updated on: September 16, 2023

Hema Malini looks to keep alive the idyllic scenes of Lord Krishna's childhood

Dream Girl' dancing at the book launch, graceful and poised . (Image: DC)

Dream Girl' dancing at the book launch, graceful and poised . (Image: DC)

Looks like veteran actor Hema Malini can still easily lay claim to the ‘Dream Girl’ title, going by the way she danced on stage as part of a recent Krishna-themed fashion show and book release event.

The new coffee table book, Chhal Mann Vrindavan, is centred around Braj, the region in present-day Uttar Pradesh associated with pastoral scenes of Lord Krishna’s childhood, filled with an abundance of milk and butter, grazing cattle and adoring Gopikas, as the milkmaids of Braj were known.

The BJP MP representing Mathura in the Lok Sabha is also the chief editor of Chal Mann Vrindavan.

Hema Malini appealed to the people of Braj to be mindful of their heritage, and take care not to encroach on or otherwise despoil the historical and mythological sites in the area which people from all over the world come to see even today. "Everyone should work to maintain this heritage, so that my constituency can be admired and wondered at for another 100 years," she said.

Asked to talk about the coffee table book, the actress-politician said, "There are wonderful temples in and around Mathura. This book talks about the many festivals celebrated in this ‘pavitra nagri’ of Krishna with much pomp. Every page highlights something interesting, including the pranks of the young Lord Krishna, such as stealing butter. It brings alive the mythological facets of my constituency."

Asked what she felt about the fashion show, Hema Malini said she was bowled over by the designer’s idea of printing the word ‘Braj’ on the models’ ghaghra-cholis and the saree and blouse she wore for the show. "The clothes highlighted the history and art of the region, setting it apart from others," she said passionately.

Not forgetting her political avatar, the actress, who has won twice from the Vrindavan constituency, said, "If I get a chance to stand for elections again, I will surely take it up. And if I’m elected again, I will try to carry forward the work of developing roads and important historical places, and opening schools and hospitals for the benefit of the people."

We asked Hema Malini how she balanced her pursuits of acting, dancing, and being a politician without attracting controversy.

"I just keep on doing my work. I ignore all controversial discussions. I don’t like to waste my time getting embroiled in any controversies. I keep doing the best I can to promote art and culture and create development opportunities and provide the best food, shelter, medical and education facilities to the people of my constituency using my political status. I joined politics to bring about changes for the betterment of my country and my countrymen, so I do that to the best of my abilities," she replied.

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