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Published on: August 11, 2023 | Updated on: August 11, 2023


(Representational image: DC)

(Representational image: DC)

Making life easier for women

Our strategy is 3-fold: Economy (making our products useful and affordable) Environment (doing our bit for the planet) and Education (we strongly believe in the education of the girl, hence have initiatives towards this). CareOSafe identified the critical challenges and pain points women face with menstrual hygiene management. I recognised that menstruation has been undervalued and ignored for far too long, after working with and procuring safety products from numerous marginalised women in various communities. That’s what inspired the new CareOSafe extension: eco friendly and reusable sanitary pads, with the goal of empowering women in ways that reduce gender-specific barriers and improve their quality of life in all aspects, was inspired. Ajay Industrial Corp, our sister company, is the manfacturing firm and CareOSafe is the distribution firm. We take pride in being outspoken, bold,courageous and firm.


Through eco-friendly products and education of both boys and girls to dispel myths and create a sustain-able world for women, we empower women.


Making desserts guilt-free

As a diabetic chef and entrepreneur in India, I was confronted with numerous challenges that shaped the evolution of my systems and strategies. Trying to balance my love of cooking with my medical condition is an ongoing learning experience. To ensure a steady supply of high-quality ingredients, I formed alliances with local suppliers. My unwavering love of both cooking and business has been a driving force. I’ve always been open to customer feedback. Building a strong team has also been critical. I’ve surrounded myself with people who share my vision and values. Their expertise in areas such as marketing, operations and nutrition has been critical in the company’s growth.


I actively engage with aspiring entrepreneurs and chefs through workshops,seminars and online platforms. I’ve also established a scholarship programme that supports individuals with diabetes who are interested in pursuing culinary arts or entrepreneurship. This initiative not only offers financial assistance but also provides mentorship and networking opportunities within the industry.

HARRSH KEDIA, 26, Founder, A Diabetic Chef and Conscious Mithaiwala, and Forbes 30 under 30 ASIA 2022

Sweet Dedication

We recognised the significance of combining innovation and tradition from the start. Every step of our process, from ingredient selection to manufacturing, is meticulously planned to ensure that each scoop of Meemee’s Ice Cream delivers the same delectable flavour that our customers have come to expect. Our systems and strategies have propelled us to create a brand that not only delights the taste buds but also stands as a symbol of dedication to excellence through continuous refinement and adaptation.


We foster the next generation of innovators and leaders by funding educational initiatives, sponsoring programmes that encourage creativity and entrepreneur-ship, providing internship or mentorship opportunities, and collaborating with schools or organisations dedicated to d e v e l o p i ng young talent.

MEHA AGARWAL, 33,Founder, Meemee’s Ice Cream

Envisioning hospitality anew

With 15 years of experience, Richboyz Entertainment aims to establish itself as a leading hospitality power house in India and globally. Led by four visionary entrepreneurs– Gaurav Parikh, Ketul Parikh, Anuj Chugh and Varun Chugh,the company started with Bombay Adda(Bandra) and R-Adda (Juhu), becoming iconic names in Mumbai’s hospitality scene.The pillars of our success are strong leadership, quality and excellence, along with innovation and giving customer experience top priority in our restaurants, bars and events.


We provide a platform for future generations of r e s t a u r a t e u r sand business owners to network with others in the industry. We also have a mentorship programme in which we identify talent, mentor them,and provide opportunities for them to grow organically. We provide rebates and some financial assistance to our employees for courses that promote desirable skills sets.

GAURAV PARIKH, 39, Co-Founder, BombayAdda, R-Adda, Keibaa x All saints and director,Richboyz Entertainment Private Limited

Lighting the way ahead

Every day, I am fascinated by the vast scope of lighting design, and I find it very exciting to explore the magic of light. I firmly believe that if you enjoy what you do,success will follow.After finishing my higher education and returning to our company, I n n o v a t i v e L i g h t i n g Design Ltd., in2020, one of the first steps I took was to expand ILDL’s marketing and reach to a larger audience. I concentrated my efforts on broadening our scope of work from government projects to residential and interior projects, and I launched the ‘IDS’ range,which is solely dedicated to decorative lighting fixtures.


In a world where artificial intelligence is developing at a rapid rate, maintaining originality can be challenging. One of the guiding principles I employ in all facets of my work at ILDL is to be innovative and distinctive.I will be able to pass on this uniqueness to the next generation with the aid of ILDL’s marketing initiatives.We also frequently host panel discussions, the most recent of which was on the topic of "Striking a balance between human-centric and aesthetic-centric lighting design," to address the worries of aspiring designers and architects.

ARYAMAN JAIN, 25, CEO, InnovativeLighting Designs Limited (ILDL)

Promoting sustainable livelihoods

In a world dominated by mass production and impersonal manufacturing processes, we consider it critical to establish systems that tie into our pursuit of creating the highest-quality, entirely hand-made luxury rugs.Our community is an important part of who we are,and our systems and processes are designed to provide opportunities and sustain livelihoods. All of our processes are intended to up hold the concept of ‘hand-made’ and to keep the craft of rug-weaving alive and relevant by providing consumers with the opportunity to invest in a system that supports communities.


With over 1200 looms and a workforce of 3500 craftsmen, we take pride in the fact that U n d e r s t o r e y stands on the collective wisdom of Jaipur’s c e n t u r i e s-old legacy, presenting it to the modern world in a new light. We now work with weavers whose grandfathers worked alongside mine. It is a commitment that extends beyond the realm of business.

RAHUL KAPOOR, 31, Co-founder, Understorey, anatelier of bespoke rugs of Jaipur

Designing the future

Our strong foundation is built on a wealth of knowledge and skills gained from extensive education and international experience in multimedia design.Our meticulously selected team,which serves as our backbone, is critical to our success. Their unrivalled expertise fuels our desire to create novel experiences for our audiences.We have been fortunate to h a v e l i g h t i n g and acoustics experience that spans generations,helping us guide our decisions with a greater understanding of the industry’s complexities. The goodwill of our family legacy in the industry has facilitated partnerships and collaborations,opening doors to our growth.


We believe that cultivating a supportive ecosystem is critical,and we are constantly looking for ways to mentor emerging talents in the rapidly evolving landscape of technology by empowering them to recognise opportunities in fields of interactive art and technology. We are also actively working with interior designers and architects to explore the possibility of seamlessly integrating technology into their designs

ABHIMANYU CHOPRA, 30, founder,Chopra’s Designs

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