Satavahana idols, beads found in Patigadda of Siddipet

WARANGAL: Ancient artefacts and construction materials dating to the Satavahana period were traced in Patigadda of Cheryala village in Siddipet district on Thursday, during a field survey by the Kotha Telangana Charitra Brundam (KTCB).

The KTCB members said goddess idols of the Ikshvaku period were found in a square-mound area of Patigadda.

TCB convenor S. Haragopal said that structures of Yakshini, puppets, terracotta figurines, coloured beads, a large emerald-green bead, pottery artefacts with varied designs, cracked gravels, pebbles, large bricks and three Neolithic stones were found.

“People of the Satavahana period used to wear colourful stones and terracotta beads as ornaments. Locals believe that there used to be a huge brick structure in Patigadda in the past. The bricks found with various dimensions suggest the existence of the Satavahanas in the region,” he said.

Another notable find in the dig was a coin that bore the symbol of Ujjain on one side and the Brahmi script on the other.

Since Patigadda in Cheryala is rich in historical treasures, officials of the state archaeological department should pay special attention to this place and protect the valuable historical structures by carrying out excavations,” Haragopal appealed.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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