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Telangana's good samaritan called Mujeeb Bhai

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Published on: January 11, 2022 | Updated on: January 11, 2022

Called a Corona Warrior by the Human Rights Counsel of India, Mujeeb Bhai was also awarded with a Seva Ratna

Dr S. M. Hussaini with his family

Dr S. M. Hussaini with his family

Fondly called Mujeeb Bhai, Dr S. M. Hussaini was awarded a Doctorate from Vishwakarma University, Delhi, besides an award by the Indian Medical Association for his services during COVID  crisis. He also won the title of Best Employee, bestowed upon him by the Telangana State Government for constantly organising blood donation camps. Called a Corona Warrior by the Human Rights Counsel of India, he was also awarded with a Seva Ratna.

Not surprisingly, Mujeeb Bhai was unanimously chosen as President, Hyderabad District of Telangana Non Gazetted Officer Union (TNGO), for the fourth consecutive time.

When he took charge of his office, Mujeeb Bhai was required to help employees’ in various departments solve close to 27 of their major grievances. A true leader, he took up all those 27 grievances with Minister KT Rama Rao — the Minister for  Municipal Administration & Urban Development, Industries & Commerce, and Information Technology of Telangana — to ensure that they were solved. He has taken employees’ welfare to the forefront, bringing in many new implementations. One such is the introduction of a new state sports culture — a 3-day long annual sports fest for employees.


Not new to movements to help humanity, Mujeeb Bhai, inspired by K. Chandrashekar Rao (KCR), was an active participant and a stake- holder in creating the separate Telangana State. "I first met KCR garu in 2007, by which time, I was an active participant in TNGO, which I’d joined in 2004," recollects Mujeeb Bhai. "While interacting with him, KCR garu briefed us about the injus- tice that was happening to the peo- ple of Telangana because of the vio- lations of 610-GO. We also had a dis- cussion on the power and water sup- ply to the Telangana districts, and KCR garu’s words made me work harder towards realising them. I’d made up my mind that by any cost I will be an important tool in the cre- ation of the new state."

In 2008, Mujeeb Bhai went on to become a member in the steering committee to start the Telangana Employees Joint Action Committee. "Soon after that, the TNGO took out a 10-district tour to enlighten  employees and people on the prob- lems of 610-GO. The tour inspired many people in Telangana to join the brigade to fight against the then governments, towards bringing Telangana State under KCR’s lead- ership," explains Mujeeb Bhai.


Mujeeb Bhai shares how while growing up, he was affected by people who struggled for a sin- gle meal. "I always wanted to extend my support to such people," he recounts. "Then for the first time in 2009, I was able to arrange for free food distribution for around 400 people."

That was at the Government Polytechnic College, Masab Tank. "Watching  people  eating happily, made it clear to me that I will constantly feed the poor," states Mujeeb Bhai.

Thus began  a  new  journey for Mujeeb. Since then, all patient-attendants and the hungry in the MNJ-Cancer Hospital Hyderabad at  Red Hills are provided with free food once every week. But that was a mere start. Mujeeb Bhai has even been supporting orphanages by paying their students’ fees and providing them with clothes and dry ration every month.

However, the acts of kindness are not limited to just Mujeeb Bhai. During the missions of caring for the needy, when he and his companions faced a money shortage, Mujeeb Bhai’s wife Seema offered to sell her jewellery. "‘Later, when we have money again, we can buy them back. For now, let’s take care of more people in need,’ she said to me," remembers an emotional but proud Mujeeb Bhai. "Even my kids, two daughters and a son, are always happy to help me in such activities."

Mujeeb Bhai is convinced there’s more work to be done. "My dad, who was an employee of Agriculture University Rajendernagar, came to the state in 1958. Back then, the surrounding area was a jungle. Slowly, the surrounding developed, and many families set- tled in the area, which created the need for primary schools, health centres and water facil- ities. Though the government is still to act on those needs, there’s a demand for more," states Mujeeb Bhai, who next aims to develop the region in Rajendernagar.

He tells us that in his next agenda, he’s chalked out some of the important works that have to be carried out in the region of Rajendernager. "More migrants are settling there, creating the need for drinking water connections, more primary schools and health centres, community hall, and, importantly a Government degree college," points out Mujeeb Bhai, adding reassuringly, "Soon I’ll discuss all these matter with the concerned ministers too."

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