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Invoking the inner light on Diwali

Deccan Chronicle.| AJULI TULSYAN

Published on: November 10, 2023 | Updated on: November 10, 2023

The festival of lights' exudes charm, grandeur, and splendour

Beyond mere illumination, it promotes peace, harmony, and brotherhood in society  a unifying force across religions, homes, and hearts. (Image: DC)

Beyond mere illumination, it promotes peace, harmony, and brotherhood in society a unifying force across religions, homes, and hearts. (Image: DC)

Never about crackers

Diwali has always been my favourite festival, but growing up in the US, particularly in California, we never had the chance to burst crackers. So, it was never about crackers for me; it was about the opportunity to spend time with my family, perhaps hear a few traditional stories about our history from my dad, and perform puja. Unlike many others, Diwali is probably a lot more spiritual. This time it’ll just be four or five of us, quietly decorating our house with a bunch of lamps. — Adivi Sesh, actor

Family bonding

Diwali is more than just a festival for me; it signifies the essence of family bonding. Despite our work schedules, it is a time for family and friends to embrace the joy of collective celebration. The festival holds cherished memories of my youth, marked by the echo of firecrackers with friends late into the night and evening pujas with the family. As I embraced parenthood, the festival transformed into a special family time, with joyous moments created with my children. The festival became a time for family bonding. —   Neerja Birla, chairperson, Aditya Birla Education Trust

Joyful reunion

Diwali is a time of pure joy and abundant laughter. My cherished memories often centre around the excitement of bursting crackers during my younger years. This year, my plans revolve around reuniting with all my beloved ones and savouring every precious moment of this festive occasion. — Shalini Bhupal, joint managing director, TAJGVK Hotels & Resorts Ltd.

Be kind to animals

Diwali is always a wonderful occasion for me since it signifies spending time with family, celebrating, and sharing joy.  It’s my first Diwali after our wedding, and I’m really looking forward to it. I usually host a party in my house, typically on Danteras. The ritual goes on, and families meet, celebrate, have dinner, and join in the festivities. I have always been against bursting crackers. Be kind to animals, and yes, spread the joy.— Hansika Motwani, actor

Cleansing homes, illuminating souls

Diwali holds a special place for me, marking a time to cleanse and illuminate our homes with joy and positivity. Beyond the physical cleaning, it signifies creating a space filled with happiness, decluttering, and adorning it with lights and fragrant flowers. This Diwali holds special significance for me as we celebrate Lakshmi Puja. Following the festivities, excitement mounts as I depart for Banaras the next day to commence shooting for Anil Sharma’s new project. For me, Diwali is about cherishing moments with loved ones, sharing laughter, joy, and peace. — Neeta Lulla, costume designer

Quiet celebration

Diwali typically commences with honouring and appreciating all our colleagues, employees, and staff at various workplaces. A small puja at home sets the tone for a quiet festivity, marked by the gentle glow of lamps, especially since dogs can be traumatised by crackers. — Amala Akkineni, founder, Blue Cross of Hyderabad

Radiant festivity

The festival radiates an infectious liveliness, lighting up the surroundings and sparking joy in every onlooker’s eyes. It is a perfect blend of cherished moments spent with family and friends. From the sacred rituals and cozy dinners with family to the later festivities with friends, it’s a day brimming with connection and celebration. As the lights shimmer, I carry the spirit of Diwali within, a beacon to illuminate even the darkest days that may come my way. — Shruti Chopra, entrepreneur

Cultural reflection

Diwali, a poignant reminder of the Ramayana’s profound teachings and cherished family values, holds a timeless place in Indian culture. Reflecting on the year 1999, during my MBA studies in the UK, I recall a uniquely special Diwali celebration. Witnessing the spirited and enthusiastic observance of Diwali by the Indian community, even on foreign soil, left an indelible mark on me. I eagerly anticipate celebrating the festival with loved ones, opting for the serene glow of lamps over the clamour of firecrackers — a choice that aligns with a deeper appreciation for the values. — Shrikant Baldi, Chairman HP RERA

On-set celebration

Celebrating with co-stars and the crew on the set of Imlie Season 3 promises to be a lovely and gratifying experience. Bursting crackers with friends at school provided treasured memories. Additionally, Diwali was made extra special by my mother and dadi, who prepared delicious sweets that I savoured. As we engage in the festive tradition of lighting fireworks, please remember the importance of supervision and safety. — Sai Ketan Rao, actor

Eco-friendly delight

The festival brings excitement as I choose colourful outfits, fresh flowers, and unique diyas. Unlike a fan of crackers, I celebrate in an eco-friendly way, adorning my home with rangolis and distinctive diyas. This age-old tradition, rooted in Indian history, brings continuity to the festivities, symbolising happiness and prosperity. Our extended family gathers for Lakshmi puja, crafting rangolis, sharing laughter, and ending with a feast and game night. — Nikshitha Rao, founder, Naoki

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