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Happy holi, happy skin

Published Mar 8, 2020, 11:00 pm IST
Updated Mar 8, 2020, 11:00 pm IST
Playing Holi with organic colours is advised.
 Playing Holi with organic colours is advised.

No matter how much people love playing Holi, “I love the shower to get the colours out after playing Holi,”- said no one ever! From rubbing our skin raw with soap and other substances to almost taking off our skin with the scrubber, the bath after Holi is a stuff of horrors. Despite people preferring organic colours to play with, it is impossible to ensure that other people won’t come and pour colour on you which are toxic and above all impossible to get rid of.

So if you do not want to reach the office the next day with reddish-pinkness, some from the colours and some from the rigorous rubbing to get them off, expert dermatologist Dr. Ramakrishna Chanduri explains how to get rid of those pesky Holi colors without your skin hating you.

“When it comes to skin, prevention is always better than cure, so I would urge everyone to play Holi with organic colour that are skin friendly,” says the doctor. He further adds, “On the day of Holi, you cannot be sure who puts what colour on you, so just put some body oil all over you before you step out to play with colours.”

However, for any reason, if the preventions do not work with you or you simply forget to put oil with all the excitement and festivities around you, here is what the doctor suggests. “Instead of going for soaps and lotions which are laden with chemicals, go for herbal soaps. Olive oil and mustard oil also works really well and you can also use lemon to take off the color,” he advises.

Apart from these oils, the doctor has another really important advice. “While taking a bath after playing colours, do not use hot water. The temperature of the water may react with the chemical substances in the colours and you might end up with a rash. Use cold water instead which is anyway a better option to remove colors,” he informs.

A quick hack from his side? “Take some milk or curd and apply it all over. Wait for 15-30 minutes and then go take a bath. It will remove the colours easily.”



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