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Krishna: The Guru of Gurus

Deccan Chronicle.| Tulasi Putcha

Published on: September 6, 2023 | Updated on: September 6, 2023
Janmashtami, the Hindu festival that marks the birth of lord Krishna is celebrated with much fanfare across the country.

Janmashtami, the Hindu festival that marks the birth of lord Krishna is celebrated with much fanfare across the country.

Humankind is blessed to have Gods as their protectors and guiding lights in the path of life. To safeguard the dharma and punish adharma, Lord Vishnu was born in several incarnations. The most appealing of them is Lord Krishna. On the occasion of Krishnashtami, the birthday of Lord Krishna, let us recall all the good done to the people and universe by him. While parents are the first Gurus for any individual, Lord Krishna is considered as Jagadguru. He is the Guru of all Gurus and the entire universe, Krishnam Vande Jagadguru.

Lord Krishna stands out from the rest having preached Bhagavad Gita to Arjuna when he was reluctant to fight during the Kurukshetra battle. Through this, he told Arjuna that one must fulfil  his duty without concerning oneself too much about the result. In fact, Bhagavad Gita is not a spiritual text but teaches man how to live life practically.

Lord Krishna’s approach to life is appealing to many as it is more practical and in tune with the modern times. It does not preach about severe austerity or abstinence but invokes people to gear up and fight for themselves. Lord Krishna preaches people to confront even the most tough situations in life with consciousness and courage.

Though he himself is a Guru, he showed devotion to his Guru Sandeepa by bringing back his dead son to life. Lord Krishna also exemplified true friendship by helping out his childhood friend Sudhama.

Lord Krishna safeguarded Parikshit in the womb of Uttara from Brahmastra (Lord Brahma’s weapon) released by Aswadhama.

Right from his childhood, Lord Krishna had been killing the demons like Kamsa, the demoniac king, Putana, the witch, Trinavarta, Aghasura and Bakasura.  As a young kid, he lifted mountain Govardhan to protect the people, signifying that he is ready to take up any risk to safeguard the living beings.

Lord Krishna also danced on the head of Kaleeya snake to drive it into the ocean from a water pond, which was used by the people for their daily needs, signifying the importance of water in man’s survival.

He also protected the dignity of women by presenting an infinite number of sarees to Draupadi, wife of the Pandavas, when Kauravas stripped off her clothes during Vastrapaharanam. He also protected the Pandavas – Droupadi’s five husbands— throughout their Agnyata Vasa and during the Kurukshetra battle from all risks and threats. He was good to good people and bad to evil people, something that modern life requires.

Happy Sri Krishna Janmastami to all! Jai Sri Krishna!!

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