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'Our journey is a never-ending evolution'

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Published on: August 1, 2023 | Updated on: August 1, 2023
Pradeepthi Vissamsetti

Pradeepthi Vissamsetti

On a mission to create a judgment-free space for mothers to share their thoughts and seek assistance after a troubled past. Pradeepthi Vissamsetti, who founded The Telugu Moms Network, a trailblazing Facebook community says, "My journey has taught me the value of consistency as well as the value of sharing life experiences. When I was in difficult situations personally a few years ago, I had no one to share my troubles with."

Safe haven for moms

Pradeepthi has created a safe haven for moms to showcase their talents, seek advice, and revel in the joys of motherhood without the fear of being judged. There is no shaming or humiliation of mothers here, as empathy and mutual respect take centre stage.

The network has thrived since its inception, embracing new ideas, hosting exciting contests, and celebrating success stories. These moms form an unbreakable bond, supporting each other’s business ventures and cherishing the collective happiness that fills their lives.

"Telugu Moms Network is more than just a community of 29,000 moms; it’s a family," Pradeepthi emphasises. The Facebook Community Accelerator Program 2022,  not only provided useful insights into community dynamics, but also strengthened the bonds between its participants.

"Our weekly schedule revolves around diverse topics, from health and mental well-being to cooking tips and Telugu culture," says Pradeepthi.

Beyond being a comprehensive support system for mothers, Pradeepthi’s NGO, Sahaja Foundation, actively impacts society. "Our mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of young people by providing education on important topics and empowering children with knowledge," she says passionately.

Pradeepthi’s dedication and passion for empowering mothers shine through her work as a writer, blogger, and NLP practitioner. "I treasure the opportunity to express myself and assist mothers in resolving their issues," she says adding, "My journey has taught me that helping others to win gives me satisfaction."
In future, Pradeepthi hopes to collaborate with brands to broaden the reach of the network, ensuring that no mother ever feels alone on her journey.  "Our journey is a never-ending evolution. We strive to keep the experience fresh and engaging by regularly introducing new contests, activities, and discussions," Pradeepthi concludes.

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