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Thota Vaikuntam is the only Indian artist whose work has been selected by Prisma, alongside the works of M.F. Husain.

So you can’t afford to buy a Thota Vaikuntam art piece? Here’s an alternative: Use the ‘Thota Vaikuntam filter’, to make your photos as stunning as his work.

Vaikuntam, along with the late M.F. Husain, are among the first Indians who have now joined the list of artists from across the world, whose work is used as a filter in one of the most popular photo editing apps, Prisma.

When you ask Vaikuntam what he thinks about this move, he first asks you how the app works. After a few doubts, he then asks, “Will it benefit the people who have used the art work, can it cause any harm to anyone?” and when you answer, yes and no to the questions respectively, he replies, “Then it’s okay if they have used my work.”

Vaikuntam’s works are about excellent strokes that paint the simple life and culture of rural Telangana. They have always been created using warm colours that instantly strike a chord.

While Vaikuntam’s art has its loyal followers, with this move, his art will reach millions of youngsters as well. He says, “It is a good thing that youngsters will at least know that such art exists and they will be exposed to more artists. I have never been bothered about people copying my art, it has happened before too, so if this does inspire people, it will only make me happy.”

When Vaikuntam is informed that, apart from Husain’s work, Prisma has selected works of artists such as Edvard Munch whose ‘Scream’ is famous across the world, or even Vincent Van Gogh’s work, he starts smiling. “I had no idea about this app. Is ‘Scream’ really listed? This makes me very happy,” he says, while adding that it is an honour to be chosen alongside Husain, who he says is a “stalwart in the art scene in India.”

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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