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Black and red magic

Published Nov 26, 2019, 12:44 am IST
Updated Nov 26, 2019, 12:44 am IST
Beauty on Heels
 Beauty on Heels

It is very rare to find an exhibition with paintings which are neither in acrylic medium, charcoal or watercolour. Unnikrishnan P.U. aka UK’s first solo exhibition Black and Red Series is all about 30 paintings made only with black and red ink on paper. An approach, according to the artist, to highlight the two colours that every entity in this universe is connected to, in one or the other way. The exhibition at the Durbar Hall Art Gallery was inaugurated by artist and former Lalithakala Akademi Chairman Sathyapal and will be on till today.

Ask about the complexities as well as the ease to work with red and black ink and Unnikrishnan says, “It is very tricky to work with two colours only. I would say it is easy because the artist just needs to think how to combine these two colours avoiding the stress of working with too many colours. But, at the same time precisely conveying what the artist wants is a hectic task because the lines need to be more defined and the distinction between the colours also needs to be exact. My paintings predominantly comprise dots and lines.”


Unnikrishnan, an Edappally native, adds that he has always been inclined towards art and music and that he has been waiting to do a solo exhibition after being part of seven group exhibitions. He will also lead one along with artists from all over the country in March for which the artist has already begun making paintings. “I will not exhibit these paintings at the upcoming exhibition. I like to give people a new experience each time they come to see my work,” adds the artist, who is extremely happy and surprised to see the overwhelming response his maiden attempt is receiving. “I was obliged to have received encouraging words from some prominent artists, who also gave me certain tips that I think will help me redefine my craft,” he concludes.



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