3 solo performances with 3 perspectives

The artist reminisces his long relationship with miniature painting.

There is a unique charm and a remarkable streak of individuality in each artist’s work. The separate shows focus the spotlight on each of them which they rightly deserve. The concept and idea of amalgamating three artists and their works together belonged to the HOD of the Painting Department, Priti Samyukta.

Vijay Hagargundgi's art on  displayVijay Hagargundgi’s art on display

One of the three artists, Vijay Hagargundgi, exemplifies a very mature and fluent prowess in creating a wide array of drawings. His works explore the delicate aspects and linear grace inherent in traditional Indian miniature painting style. And yet they also excel in assimilating nuances and ingredients that reinstate a strong personal connotation. The artist reminisces his long relationship with miniature painting, “I studied Vijayanagar (Surapura Garudadri school) miniature painting and later accomplished detailed studies of miniature paintings under the tutelage of Dwarka Prasad Sharma of Rajasthan, with an emphasis on the gold leaf application on gesso. I have evolved the “Vijay Hagargundgi” style of miniatures which amalgamates the traditional spirit along with some very personal aspects.” Multiple episodes of mythological stories get celebrated in an innovative style and stance in these works rendered by a fine brush. The works by the artist consisting of clean lines that run throughout the picture surface in a consistent rhythm give away the deftness of an expert hand.

Lotus blossoms
Spread across a vast terrain, softly rendered and delicately set to float on the surface; “Lotus Blossoms” by Vijay Nagvekar demand your undivided attention. The artist’s detailed rendering shows how much he cherishes the subject as they spread majestically into a large water body. The treatment is realistic with poetic symphony exemplified in a subtle, narrative.


Vijay explains about his affinity for the flower. “Lotus finds multiple mentions in our Indian epics and mythological tales. It is an emblem for enlightenment and spiritual perfection. For me, it is a source of inspiration as a form which is equally appreciable and aesthetically appealing from all perspectives.” Across multiple reflections of his favourite flower, Vijay has maintained an absolute freshness of colour application throughout the present series. The water colours never get dull or opaque. The serenely verdant and quintessentially alive floral clusters are endearing.

Language of symbols and metaphors
Likewise, the highly simplified and abbreviated forms in the works by artist Baburao H. have a distinct essence of eroticism to them. This aspect prevails in his diction with a marked prominence. The present series consists of silkscreen prints rendered in a sophisticated, controlled colour palette. The elements like mushrooms, ambiguous animals with bull like bodies and pyramid-like geometric forms frequently appear in his compositions. These metaphorically rich motifs accelerate the depth of the artist’s dialogue in a simplified manner.


“I have always been interested in silhouettes and line drawings. After accomplishing my masters in graphics from MS University, Baroda, I have been experimenting with various graphic techniques,” says Baburao.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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