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‘Write for passion, not for money’

Published Dec 25, 2019, 12:31 am IST
Updated Dec 25, 2019, 12:31 am IST
Anurag Tripathi’s Dalal’s Street delves into the world of stock markets and how they function in the current scenario.
by Anurag Tripathi, Publisher: Niyogi Books, Pp.212, Rs 350
 by Anurag Tripathi, Publisher: Niyogi Books, Pp.212, Rs 350

Set in a world where success is entitled for the survivors alone. In an aim of taking the fast lane to a flamboyant lifestyle a group of business school students decide to join a high paying company. Dalal’s Street by Anurag Tripathi is based on the stock market where we get the clear picture of how employees are hired, how their quality is assessed, and the fraudulent activity that goes behind the scenes. This book is a satirical thriller of dark humour. We got on a chat with the author!

Q What inspired you to write Dalal’s Street?
In my past life, I had the opportunity to create a retail equity business in India. Much of what I saw and heard during those days has been fictionalised in Dalal’s Street.


Q Who among the four talented youngsters (Varun, Anil, Pooja and Devika) would you relate to the most with based on their personalities?
Based on their personalities, I would relate the most with Anil. He is a happy-go-lucky character, who lives life in the present, enjoying every moment and being thankful for whatever he has.

Q What’s the most difficult part of writing a book?
The writing process is full of anxiety. There is anxiety whether you will be able to finish the first draft. Then, there is anxiety whether you will get published. Finally, there is anxiety whether anyone will read your work.

Q How do you draw that thin line of difference between satire and not offending someone?
You put yourself in the shoes of that other person. I am generally sensitive, but having said that, people have different level of sensitivities. You can’t make everyone happy.

Q Did you have a writer’s block? How did you manage to overcome it?
I often suffer from writer’s block. I overcome it by either taking a vacation or by writing on a completely different subject. As a result, I have several works in progress at any given point of time.    

Q What was your basic focus on – human relationships or deciphering the world of stocks and shares?
My basic focus was to explore the interplay of human relationships in the highly competitive world of stock broking, where greed is a virtue, and success is worshipped.

Q What is your advice for aspiring authors?
Write for passion, and not for money or fame. Otherwise, you will not last in this profession.