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Depths on display

Published Jun 25, 2017, 12:06 am IST
Updated Jun 25, 2017, 12:06 am IST
Lakshmi Unnithan
 Lakshmi Unnithan

The year was 2009. Dr Lakshmi Unnithan was staying in New Delhi with her husband Arvind and their first child. She had completed her studies in agriculture but was not working. In Delhi, opportunities were less for an agriculturist. Lakshmi began to feel emptiness in her life. She yearned to try something new. It was then her husband gifted a 1000D Canon and asked her to fill her empty time through photography.

“When I started photography, I hardly imagined it would turn out to be a beautiful journey and culminate into an exhibition,” says Lakshmi, whose maiden solo exhibition Reflections: a journey into memories, monsoons and moments, has just begun at Durbar Hall Art Gallery in Kochi. “Memories, monsoons and moments are three of my favourite elements. Hence, titled the exhibition so. There would be 78 works,” says Lakshmi, who focuses on the minimal things in life. Most of her photographs are taken from the premises of her home. She never goes out in search of frames but wouldn't miss a chance to capture the beautiful moments while on travel with family. “Fort Kochi is one place that has inspired me a lot. Each time it looks different. I could hold an exhibition featuring only those images,” she smiles.

Lakshmi maintains two blogs: celebrations of life and celebrations décor, where she writes her thoughts. “When we moved to our rented space in Delhi, I had the opportunity to study about interior decoration. That led me to start the blog ‘celebrations décor’. Later, I began ‘celebrations of life’ where I talk about my photographs and life in general,” says Lakshmi. ‘Celebrations décor’ has been selected as one among the best 10 blogs in India. Lakshmi also writes for newspapers and journals. The blogs made her popular and her well-wishers asked her to compile her works into a book. It was such a conversation that led to this exhibition. “I share my photos on Facebook. One day Shanavas Ashraf, a photographer contacted me and appreciated my work. He suggested organising an exhibition. I was not very confident but he motivated me and did everything he could. Also, I am grateful to my family,” says Lakshmi.

A self-taught photographer, Lakshmi doesn't believe that a fancy camera is required to produce a good photograph. “The photo happens in your mind. You could take a beautiful photo even with your mobile phone,” she says. “I have never referred to any book or surfed the internet to master this art. I knew that my initial works lacked depth. But, over time, it became a beautiful process. Now my pictures narrate stories to me,” says Lakshmi, who now works as senior manager with an agriculture-based private company in Delhi. She stays with her husband and two children. The show is on till June 30.



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