Lifestyle Books and Art 25 Jun 2016 Tantalising tenets

Tantalising tenets

Published Jun 25, 2016, 6:23 am IST
Updated Jun 25, 2016, 6:23 am IST
Author Shalini Srinivasan, whose latest book Gangamma’s Gharial was launched recently, gets candid in this quick fire.
Shalini Srinivasan
 Shalini Srinivasan

Most bizarre pick-up line used by someone on you?
There was this guy who gave me his card at a restaurant and asked me to call him. When I said I didn’t want to, he said, ‘Keep the card,’ and ran away!

One celebrity you’d like to take out on a date?
I’d like to take American author Ursula le Guin out on a date. She would be an excellent person to hangout with.


What does writing mean to you?
It’s fun. I write to think about things I’m currently obsessed with, and about things I want to read.

If you had to choose one supernatural power, what would you be? 
I’d like to be able to climb like a mountain goat!

Most memorable reader reaction?
After reading my new book, someone texted me saying that they wanted to steal flowers just like Gangamma in my book! That’s my favourite reaction to a book ever.

Million bucks or true love?
It’s really hard to choose. I’d like to have both.


Quirky trait or something about you we don’t know?
I drew weasels on my bedroom wall 15 years ago, and I still don’t let my parents wipe it off.

A song/s you’d never delete from your playlist?
Blind Gaurdian’s And then there was silence and The Beatles’ I am the Walrus.

If not a writer, what would you have been?
I think, I’d have been a naturalist.

One writing trend that you don’t understand
I don’t understand books in which everyone dies. Nicholas Sparks’s books and books like The Fault In Our Stars make people weep. I don’t understand why people would read something to weep through it.  


—  As told to Ikyatha Yerasala