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Art runs deep in the Shenoy family

Deccan Chronicle| Harish Kumar Sejekan

Published on: May 24, 2019 | Updated on: May 24, 2019

His abstract landscapes are his forte and ethereal works have only added to his immense brilliance as an artist.

A painting by Gurudas Shenoy

A painting by Gurudas Shenoy

"My work is a reflection of all that I am, all that nature is and all the wonder that exists in our universe. However, what I see is a mass of form and color, leaving only trace references of what it really is. Everything is abstract. Form is a myth." — Gurudas Shenoy.

This is one man who, day by day has grown in stature as one of the finest artists and living legends of art in the state. He, like his father, has contributed immensely to the landscape of art. Gurudas’s abstract landscapes have become a synonym with art in the city. Any art connoisseur in Bengaluru would generally go to any art gallery and enquire for a Gurudas Shenoy Artwork. Such is the fondness of for his works that the artist is flooded with many requests from art collectors.

 Gurudas’s landscapes have evolved over time. Though oil is his preferred medium to paint, he has created his own unique way of giving water-colour like transparency into his work. Dexterous use of colours, lines, light and textures form the crux of his stunning abstracts. Over the years, drawings, paintings, installations and murals have become a part of his art practice.  

 In the show at Gallerie De Arts, Guru has doodled on the walls of the gallery alongside his works which create a unique experience for the viewer. Juxtaposing technically brilliance with strong lines with abstract landscapes, his works are ethereal and emphatic at the same time. The use of light in his paintings is impressive and it gives it a mark Rothko-esque feel. Delicate yet bold, his deft use of colour gives a meditative feel to his works. Speaking of the artist gallerist Deepa Subramanyam says "Guru constructs his works with free flowing colours that takes precedence over lines and contours, capturing the transient effects of light. His works portray an overall visual effect— as opposed to details — and his short brush strokes of mixed and unmixed paint brings about an intense vibration of polychromatic hues.

 What is particularly striking about this exhibit is that the works are a product of a very interesting phase in the life of the artist. Historically, the period between the transitional work is often tumultuous, fraught with experimental styles that are constantly birthing new schools of thought. It is a phase emphasised with terror, awe, and the value of intense human emotion as a primary lens through which to view the experiences of the artist." Gurudas Shenoy with his stunning works is following the legacy set by his legendary father Shri GS Shenoy and the legend of Guru is getting bigger and better. Show on at Gallerie De Arts until June 8.

— The writer is an art  expert and curator.

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