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Magari introduces Hyderabad to new design philosophy for interiors

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Published on: April 25, 2023 | Updated on: April 25, 2023
Anushree Reddy, Niharika Reddy and Allu Sneha Reddy at Magari. (Photo By Arangement)

Anushree Reddy, Niharika Reddy and Allu Sneha Reddy at Magari. (Photo By Arangement)

HYDERABAD: As they say, a design that has found its truest form will have every piece of wood, every thread in the fabric, and every shred of metal reflecting the sensibility behind its inception. Magari is a perfect example of this sensibility, hinged on curiosity and a yearning for the unknown, just like its name.

Magari, now on Road No. 41, Jubilee Hills, is a home-grown brand conceptualised in Bengaluru, and it offers a wide selection of products, celebrating the diversity of traditional crafts with class and finesse.

The brand’s philosophy adheres to creating timeless designs by using talented local artisans to revive traditional arts and crafts. Within the walls of Magari one can find wardrobe, kitchens and more from Aristo, the choicest colours and textures of fabrics from Yavanika, and outdoor furniture straight out of a dream by Abaca.

Magari’s exclusive collections, like Aayutha, inspired by the geometric forms of the Tamil script, and Massera, showcasing the soft yet elegant contours and organic shapes for modern seating options, shed light on a variety of interior styles. Magari holds everything from aspirational designs for your furniture, kitchens, wardrobes, and other furnishings, at par with global design standards and futuristic aspirations.

As Magari’s philosophy made its way to Hyderabad, the finest architects, interior specialists, design enthusiasts, and visionaries came under one roof for an evening of self-expression through design curiosity. "Making Room for Curiosity" saw attendees participating in the making of clay art, solving a word-search puzzle and soaking up the philosophy of Magari, participating in hearty conversations about design evolution and modern applications with some of the greatest minds behind design thinking in the city, accompanied by spirits, hors d'oeuvres, and live music by Kalmi.

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