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Mail-tdown of a relationship

Published Jun 23, 2018, 12:19 am IST
Updated Jun 23, 2018, 12:19 am IST
A scene from the play
 A scene from the play

Hate Mail is a play that brings together two very different people through a series of letter. The play showcases their love-hate relationship. Two people who are poles apart are introduced through a complaint letter for a broken snow globe. Deeban Chakravarthy, the director elaborates, “The play takes us through a journey shared by two very whimsical characters who have nothing in common. It’s a treat in itself that a series of events can make these characters come together.” 

Deeban feels that although we don’t see these characters in real life, sometime life does surprise us and the key is to go with the flow and enjoy the moment. The epistolary of Hate Mail is what resonated with Deeban. “I am a huge fan of classic plays like Love Letters, Tumhari Amrita and Dear Liar. When I read Hate Mail, we wanted to create something that was generic and minimalist. It is a two character play that literally has no backstage actors,” he adds. This play tells the story of a rich brat Preston and an independent woman called Dahlia. Deeban explains further, 

“The play starts off with a simple complaint letter about a broken snow globe which develops into a war of letters between the two characters. These two are quite different from each other. While Preston is a rich guy who has everything going for him, Dahlia is a strong independent woman who does not fear to speak her mind. When you put the two together, all hell breaks loose.”

Mohan Ram essays the role of Preston who is the weaker one in the relationship. Mohan says, “Preston is a guy who comes from a privileged background but his life turns topsy-turvy when he starts writing to Dahlia. They both share a love relationship. He goes from staying in a high-end condo to working in a fast food joint. Preston and Dahlia get together for sometime but break-up. He is a guy who doesn’t have any major life goals, and is a weak character who is controlled first by his girlfriend and then by Dahlia.” Mohan who has been into theatre for over six years says that this character is both bold and challenging to play as he had do the acting alone. Dahlia on the other hand is the complete opposite. Played by Kavya Srinivasan, she says, “Dahlia is a feisty and fire-brand girl who does what she wants. She is her own person and doesn’t hesitate to speak her mind. I enjoyed going onstage and playing her, as she does what she wants when she wants.” The response for the play has been huge, “We have receive
d an overwhelming response from the audience. They really enjoyed the laughter riot, the love-hate-love relationship and the war of words between Preston and Dahlia.” Deeban signs off. 

— The play is will be staged on June 24 at the Untitled Space.  



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