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Published Sep 20, 2019, 12:02 am IST
Updated Sep 20, 2019, 12:02 am IST
Kalakriti Art Gallery brings together an exhibition titled The Print Chamber, which captures the journey of printmaking.
 A serigraph work titled Yogi and the Dancer by Jogen Chowdhury
  A serigraph work titled Yogi and the Dancer by Jogen Chowdhury

Printmaking is a process that helps create images from a single, original surface. Techniques for making fine art prints have evolved over the years, and they have played an important role in culture exchanges with broader audiences.

Now, Kalakriti Art Gallery has put together an exhibition that charts the eventful journey of individual artists’ printmaking. Curated by Ruchi Sharma, the show, as per the press note released, “examines the changes in themes, techniques and aesthetic triggered, the subsequent expansion of printmaking” to various regional art centres and institutions spread across the country, and the “increasing presence of technology in printmaking”.


Poushali Das’ artwork of Charminar Poushali Das’ artwork of Charminar

Prints on the wall
The Print Chamber showcases the works of pioneering Indian artist-printmakers such as S.H. Raza, Jyothi Bhatt, Prabhakar Kolte, Jogen Chowdhury, Surya Prakash, Jahangir Sabawala, R. Broota and Thota Vaikuntam. It also displays the limited-editions works of the talented printmakers of the younger generation, including Anupam Sud, Ajit Dube, Bairu Raghuram, Chippa Sudhakar and Gouri Vermula.

Elaborating on the selection process of the displayed collection, Ruchi, who’s been working with the gallery for three years as a curator, says, “I have always been intrigued by the print collection of these artists. And finally, after many deliberations, we got the opportunity to showcase 40 shortlisted prints for the Hyderabad audience for the first time. While selecting, we kept two things in mind — one, the work should effectively showcase the printmaking journey and secondly, works by eminent artists."


Reintroducing legends
While eminent artists like Thota Vaikuntam and Chippa Sudhakar are famous for their paintings and sculptures, Ruchi tells us that not many know the said artists have works in printmaking too.

“And it is a great opportunity to show the world their other side,” says an excited Ruchi. She says it took her almost a month to segregate and come up with the final line-up.

Some of the striking works on display are a serigraph work titled Yogi and the Dancer by Jogen Chowdhury. Another work that leaves a lasting impression is Thota Vaikuntam’s Telengana Woman in etching. Another etching work on copper, which captures the audience’s eyes, is by Chippa Sudhakar’s work titled In Self Defence and Poushali Das’ artwork of Charminar in its full glory.