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Determination helps fulfill all dreams!

Published Apr 20, 2017, 12:00 am IST
Updated Apr 20, 2017, 7:22 am IST
Deesha Sangani
 Deesha Sangani

In order to propel people to get through some of their toughest times, Bengaluru-based author and motivational speaker, Deesha Sangani likes to use the weapon closest to her heart – her words. Revolving around the life of Dia, She Dared to Dream Through Her Eyes  deals with everyday struggles that the protagonist faces like relationships, education, work and even issues such as depression. In a tete-a-tete with the author who wants to create a niche space for herself with her second book, we learn more.

A shy person since her childhood, Deesha remembers scribbling down the endings of movies that left her unsatisfied. “I’ve always had a vivid imagination and never liked sad endings. So if I was unhappy with endings of films, I used to take my colours and scribble down an ending that made me happy, on a sheet of paper. My parents recognised this and further encouraged to keep a journal where I wrote everything down,” she recalls. But it was a colleague who encouraged her to use her words to get through to people, she clarifies. “A colleague came to me for advice once, and felt my words had the power to change peoples lives. She encouraged me to inspire people through my words and I realised that the best way to do that was by writing,” says Deesha who has stumbled through life herself! “I moved to Bengaluru when I was very young and I wasn’t fluent in English which is now a pre-requisite. But I not only came to terms with my fears but also faced them and am now a published author,” says a triumphant Deesha who took merely three weeks to complete this book!

But inspiring people through her words is not all she does. “I work at a corporate firm during the day and head back home, do some chores with my mother and only write in the night. I know it’s not a very good thing, but I sleep barely for four hours,” reveals the multitasker who already has two more works ready to be published. “It really affects me when I people in depression or bad relationships feel like their lives have no meaning. I want to show them that they all have a purpose of existing in this universe and that’s exactly how I have created Dia’s character, in order to reach such people,” she concludes, demurely.



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