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Being friend-zoned

Published Jul 19, 2018, 12:25 am IST
Updated Jul 19, 2018, 12:25 am IST
A tete-a-tete with author Sudeep Nagarkar who has just come out with his new book.
She Friend-Zoned My Love, Pages: 336 Rs 599 Publisher: Juggernaut
 She Friend-Zoned My Love, Pages: 336 Rs 599 Publisher: Juggernaut

Sudeep Nagarkar’s She Friend-Zoned My Love narrates a cute love story. Apurv is a charming teenager blessed with the gift of the gab, and like the boys of his age Apurv too longs for a girlfriend. He meets Amyra and falls in love with her, thus begins his journey of wooing the girl. The author, who doesn’t sit for hours thinking about the plot, says the idea for this book came while scrolling through his Facebook.

“One day I was going through my Facebook and I saw a few people posting about friend zoning. I knew it then that I am going to write about it. That’s how ‘She friendzoned my love’ happened.”
With books like Few Things Left Unsaid, That's the Way We Met and It Started with a Friend Request, the author tells us about his favourite book and tips for budding writers.


When did the idea for the book germinate? Or does inspiration strike you at the oddest of hours?
I don’t really sit for hours to think about the plot. The more I interact with readers, the more I get inspired to write. On a few occasions, an idea has struck during book launches too.

Which genre draws you the most?
As a reader, thrillers will always remain my favourite but writing romance comes naturally. When I read love stories, I start analysing the characters rather than feeling them. Maybe that’s why I prefer writing romance and not reading it. Though I loved reading The Fault In Our Stars.


One fictional character close to your heart and why?
Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. I read the Harry Potter series when I was a teenager and I had fond memories of Hermione. I couldn’t resist falling for her. The way she was portrayed made her my favourite. Loyal, brave and a friend I wish I had.

Who among the pantheon of writers would you like to have coffee with?
Dan Brown. The only reason is that I want to know how he thinks and builds a story. Any day, he inspires me not only as a writer but as a human too. I have watched his interviews and they are fabulous. Certainly, a lot can happen over a coffee with him.


What is your antidote for writer’s block?
If you do your homework well, you can keep writer’s block away. When I am about to write a book, I am sure about my storyline, the characters and the incidents I want to pen down. It helps me engage my mind. So from the character traits to the twists that are going to follow, I know them all before even writing the first word of the script.

Which book do you keep revisiting, time and again?
Many Lives, Many Masters. And if I have to name one written by me, then it has to be All Rights Reserved For You. I have read many books but that’s one book, which would stay close to my heart for no reason. I simply love the way the writer has shown the space between two lives.


How can budding writers prevent rejection from turning into 

By being patient. One needs tremendous mental strength to keep the passion going. There will be people who will oppose you and suggest something better in life. But obviously, you cannot convince anyone before proving. So stop convincing others and do what your heart says.

The ending of one popular book that you would have changed if you were the author.
The Fault In Our Stars. The end made me sad. It left a void space in me and I was lost for a few hours after I was done reading it. No doubt, it had to end that way but as a reader many times I feel what if it had a happy ending? I am sure my readers would feel the same after reading my books and would want to alter the ending. That’s how it is and that’s the beauty of imagination.