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Self- taught artist seeks solace in art

Published Jul 18, 2019, 12:19 am IST
Updated Jul 18, 2019, 12:19 am IST
Bengaluru-based artist Niranjan, has been his exhibiting collections at CKP since Wednesday.
Art by Niranjan U.C.
 Art by Niranjan U.C.

In a world where life is all about making a living and improving your financial status there are very few people that take some time out of their monotonous life and focus some time on their passion. Niranjan UC a business consultant with a leading insurance company, dedicates his free time to his passion. Niranjan says he seeks solace in art.

Reminiscing on his childhood memories, he shares, “I sketched my first piece of art in the 9th grade, it was a portrait of Rabhindranath Tagore, I have always admired the humility in him. My father saw this talent in me and encouraged me with moral support.”


The collection of his artwork includes works through various mediums like coffee decoction, charcoal, pencil and poster painting, and pastels.  From a collection of Portraits, scenery and imaginary art to  compositions of the Rajasthani style of art, Niranjan has managed to master the art purely on trial and error basis.

Speaking on what inspires him, Niranjan says, “When I see something motivating I immediately take a memory picture. Later when I get to my happy place I interpret what I saw through my art. When I travelled to Goa I was inspired by its beautiful aerial view and I painted the same. My only aim is to pursue my art and improve.”


When you discover the passion for something, it could be because the talent is an innate gift.   

 Niranjan says, “Once I realised that this is where my interest lies, I focused on improving myself. I did not take any classes, I am a self-taught artist. With belief in the saying that ‘practice makes a man perfect’ and my wife Rashmi’s support I have evolved on my own.”  

He adds, “My wife is a professional artist and she is my guide and critique. The reason I am hosting this exhibition is only for my satisfaction. This is my hobby and passion and I am not keen on making money from my art.”


Niranjan will be exhibiting all of his best works in Chitrakala Parishat from  July 18- 22, the event will be inaugurated by Malathi K Holla a Padma Shri and Arjuna awardee, and  a paralympian.

Speaking about striking the perfect work-life balance, he says, “It is essential for us to to sometimes step back from our busy lives and pursue our passions. This enables us to feel rejuvenated and return to our normal work schedules with extra vigour.”