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Driven by his passion for art

Published May 18, 2019, 12:43 am IST
Updated May 18, 2019, 12:43 am IST
Lotus pond
 Lotus pond

Painting is self-discovery. Every good artist paints what he is. Jackson Pollock.
Milind Nayak, the artist, the wanderer the orator. Ask any upcoming artist in Bengaluru about Milind Nayak, chances are they would come up with several adjectives for the man. Milind as an artist has always supported upcoming artists through his wealth of knowledge which he has accumulated in all these years.

The solo show at MKF Museum of Art by Milind Nayak is his first after a long sabbatical due to his health issues because of which he had taken a break. The last one year has been very challenging for Milind, despite that he has come up with some wonderful works of art at the show. Milind’s array of work is predominantly inspired by one single muse — nature.’’

Milind’s flamboyant strokes coupled with the use of vibrant colours makes his paintings stand out. Basically a landscape artist who paints abstracts as well, Nayak captures nature entrenched in the mind on canvas. The foliage, particularly bamboos, stand tall in his work. As an artist he uses different kinds of knives and mediums to create a colourful montage of reds, blues, greens, browns to purples, lilac and magenta. His water lily series created with the use of acrylics bring a certain contemporary element to the work. In an interesting conversation the artist said that he dug the pond in his old Koramangala studio and planted water lilies and painted them at their prime.

 Milind who is often vocal about his journey mentioned that how art accidentally happened to him. Milind was a banker by profession and then dabbled in the photocopier business which unfortunately bombed. That didn’t deter his spirits and his guru GS Shenoy was his inspiration and the reason behind the birth of Milind Nayak the artist. Milind’s wife has been his pillar of strength all these years and he has passionately been painting and for the love of art and is one of the few artistes who never got swayed away with the commercial aspects of art.

Milind believes that as an artist one must follow his dreams always and never follow money. Milind is not just an artist. He is someone who one can call a poet, a thorough romantic and someone who breathes and drinks art. The show is on at MKF Museum of art until May 30 .



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