Know the tips to start and complete a research paper

Published Dec 14, 2017, 8:57 am IST
Updated Dec 16, 2017, 1:52 pm IST
A step-by-step guide to research paper helpand how to write a research paper.
Choose a topic of your interest as that will allow your interest to sustain in your research.
 Choose a topic of your interest as that will allow your interest to sustain in your research.

It’s been ages since you left high school and it’s certainly been years since you have written a research paper. And here it’s time now to write research papers again! It’s like going in for a tooth extraction. Ha ha!! Fret not! Read through this step by step guide to research paper help and know how to write a complete research paper.

Begin by choosing a topic of your Interest


Choose a topic of your interest as that will allow your interest to sustain in your research. Moreover it will constantly motivate you to garner as much information as possible from all possible online as well as offline sources in the corporate ventures. It’s best to narrow your research to manageable size.  It’s best to go ahead writing your research once you have garnered enough information. At this juncture, if at all you are not able to find adequate information on your research topic, its best to choose another topic for your research without wasting   any time.

Read and maintain records

Pick up on an encyclopedia ah the author, maintain notes and records of a general article you read regarding your research in the notebook with the author / title and the publication in the correct format as asked by your instructor. Keep a vigil on the page numbers as well as the paragraph you want to write in your research and maintain a record of the same in your notepad diary. Copy quotes exactly or you can use it for paraphrasing. However maintain record of the exact quote gain to identify the difference between the exact quote and the paraphrase.

This method when followed will allow you ample flexibility in organizing and reorganizing as well as in keeping track of sources; and identifying facts. You can be innovative and choose your own methods of drafting but its best to always start with good record keeping.

Outline your research through mind mapping technique:

Draw up a working mind map or outline. Mention the points you should cover and the ones you will like to cover in your research. This will help you group ideas in logical manner and in turn it will be much easier to reorganize a paper and it will be a less laborious task when you start.

Formulate your thesis into a five point statement

Gather all the paraphernalia needed to write your research and get going to write a well defined, focused, three- to five-point thesis statement. With the outline in place it will help you take less time and help you craft the statements quickly in one or two sentences and will give you better outcome while developing your thesis statement, putting across your support statements and arguments.

Add Facts and examples to completely support your research. 

You certainly will need to research heavily from all sources- the internet, electronic databases, reference books, newspaper articles etc. You should also maintain records for each source you add in your research with the exact precise APA and MLA and Bibliography information. Make note of important pointers and always distinguish between direct quotes and paraphrasing.  Remember that more recent research may be more valuable than older research. Do give examples to prove your supporting points in the research.

Never copy-and-paste from internet sources directly into any actual draft of your paper. Plagiarism is completely unacceptable in research papers.

Last but not the least do revise and read your notes for sure then get going to the final draft. Add a one-paragraph introduction and a one-paragraph conclusion.

Finally check for grammar, punctuation, sentence structure and further edit and proofreading and run your final draft for Plagiarism check.