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Authors that speak about their mysteries, and hosts that speak on different genres, it’s time to pod away.
Deborah Harkness Author of the New York Times-bestselling All Souls trilogy
 Deborah Harkness Author of the New York Times-bestselling All Souls trilogy

If writers love to hideaway in their sanctum sanctorium to create magic with words, many new-age authors of mystery and thrillers are podcasting their way into a bibliophile’s heart. From writers who explore the eerie, uncanny, paranormal, to hosts that explore different genres of writing, the age of the podcast has seen many bestselling authors and hosts come to the fore. Here are a few...

Deborah Harkness
Author of the New York Times-bestselling All Souls trilogy


As a historian and writer, Deborah Harkness loves chilling events of the past. Her All Souls Trilogy series has tantalising stories of witches, vampires, and the supernatural, and A Discovery of Witches will be coming to the small screen this January. Harkness casts a new light on the way we understand the past.

Lisa Gardner
New York Times-bestselling author    


Among the most beloved thriller writers working today, Lisa Gardner’s works of psychological suspense regularly reach the top of bestseller lists. Her most recent thriller, the New York Times-bestselling Look For Me, like her others is meticulously-researched, highly authentic, and always full of unexpected and ingenious twists. She speaks about her writing process, tips for success, and inspiring stories.


Dan Chaon
National Book Award finalist and bestselling author


National Book Award nominee Dan Chaon is known for his thrilling, gripping novels. Chaon’s latest book, Ill Will, is an acclaimed and suspenseful thriller that finds a psychologist entangled in two haunting, unsolved murders. As a speaker, Chaon takes audiences into the process of writing his stories.

Kelly Link
MacArthur Foundation Fellow and author of Get In Trouble


Hailed as one of the most distinctive voices working today, recent MacArthur fellow Kelly Link is renowned for her short stories that straddle literary fiction, sci-fi, and fantasy. Link’s use of magic and the supernatural in her writing, showcased in her most recent short story collection, Get in Trouble, allows her to take unique looks at common experiences and yield breathtaking revelations for readers.


Aaron Mahnke
Creator, writer, and producer of the Lore podcast


Aaron Mahnke’s hit podcast Lore gained a devoted following for its exploration of all things otherworldly. Now, Mahnke’s storytelling has expanded beyond the podcast to include live tours, a book series, and a television show on Amazon. By delving into legends and folklore from around the world, Mahnke uncovers universal truths about the ways that different cultures view death, spirituality, illness, and more. In his lectures, Mahnke stresses the importance of storytelling as a means to understand the mysteries that surround us.