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Paradise for Bipliophiles

Published Jul 14, 2019, 12:55 am IST
Updated Jul 14, 2019, 12:55 am IST
The collection I have seen so far is great. There is a mix of both Indian and international authors  — Chaitra Ravi
 The collection I have seen so far is great. There is a mix of both Indian and international authors — Chaitra Ravi

Paradise for book lovers would have to be in a place where they are surrounded by books in every shape and size.

Browsing through their favourite authors and finding that one or several favourite books is a day well spent. And to get them for cheap is just an icing on the cake.

BookChor’s Lock the Box initiative is one such event that is heaven for bibliophiles. In their flagship event in Bengaluru that began on July 12 and will go on till July 21, book lovers can pick up as many books they can fit in a box.

 Talking to people who attended this event at Elaan Convention Centre we find out what they think. Sucheta S Sirsikar has been expanding her collection of books since 2018. She shares, “The event is perfect for any book lover. Even if the book is filled to the brim and doesn’t shut, they let you take the extra books. The variety too is great — from young, adult, fiction to great coffee table books. Even though they are second-hand books, they’re never torn or stained. I know the concept of books by kg already exists but this approach is great as the weight of the book plays no role in how much you have to pay.”


Chaitra Ravi, an IT professional got to know about Lock the Box through a Facebook ad. “The collection that I have seen so far is great. There is a mix of both Indian and international authors. But having said that, they could have showcased a better collection of Indian authors. The fact that their coffee table collection is so vast excites me. I am looking forward to picking up quite a few of these,” she shares.

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to know about such events and that’s what happened to Spoorthi H Kumar, an architect. She shares, “My cousin is crazy about books and that is how I found out about Lock the Box. The set up by itself is a little confusing but the variety and condition of the books is great. The moment I entered, I looked around for the crime and mystery section. I picked up some Dan Brown’s books. Such events are great for first time readers who don’t have the means to buy expensive books. Also, I am part of a local library, but owning my own hardbound edition is a good feeling.”

Ruhika Sriharsha, who has just passed her 12th grade says that this event feels like heaven to her. She shares, “Any book lover would have to agree with the fact that e-books never match up to a hand held one. So for a book lover like me, this is as good as it gets. I picked up loads of Dan Brown novels, Delirium by Lauren Oliver, Frederick Forsyth’s books too.  The collection is quite good and well organised.”

When asked what she felt about this event, she shares, “This is a nice concept as it enables a reader to pick as many books as  he  or she can fit in a box. So one gets to buy many books at an affordable cost.”



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