Mea Sculpa' in painted brilliance

All these elements make the show a walk down a mythological lane.

Art is often considered a journey an artiste undertakes to experiment and explore new territories, techniques, breaking barriers and boundaries and going that distance to unearth one’s unknown potential.

The current solo show of noted veteran artist/sculptor from Chennai at Gallery Time and Space is a unique journey on how noted sculptor Nandagopal has created a marvellous collection of paintings.

The unique collection of paintings has a child like innocence about them and trademark images of Krishna adorning and gracefully carrying his flute, deities from different walks of Indian Hindu mythology, elephants, parrots, monkeys and tigers which depict poise and grace.

All these elements make the show a walk down a mythological lane. Most elements in the paintings, the semi -abstract figures have been incorporated from his sculptures, but with a tinge of elegance and vividness.

Incidentally, Nandagopal who is popular as a seasoned sculptor, initially started off as a painter.

Speaking about this unique twist in his love for art, and his tryst with paintings, he says “I started off as a ceramic artist, then painting excited me. Back in the early 90s when I was painting with water colours, it gave me freedom. I had just completed about 70 paintings which Neville Tuli of Osian’s encouraged me to continue painting, and the works were auctioned and appreciated. That made me rethink my artistic leanings. My love for painting has always remained. Later, when I was in Bangalore for a month as my daughter was travelling, I had to take care of her dog! During that time, I had a lot of time and freedom, which was when I started painting these current oeuvres.”

Sharing his love for sculpture he adds, “I will go back to sculpture as that is what I have been doing. In the summer, in Chennai, to do metal work in the heat and humidity is crazy. So I paint during that time and I equally enjoy that tryst with a brush. A few days ago gallerist Mrs Renu George met me, and she was visibly impressed with my work, that is how the show happened.”

Renu George of Time and Space shares her thoughts on the artiste’s body of work, “The consummate rendering of Shrishti inspired by the time hallowed folklore of India are delightful to behold.”

Shankar Nandagopal had the best art education thanks to his father KCS Panicker, the legendary artist who was known for his romanticism with mysterious mythological figures and incredible narratives, giving all the oeuvres a sense of simplicity, innocence and elegance.

A unique amalgamation of the trademark, Nandagopal’s characters combined with a unique play of colours makes this a vibrant art show.

The solo show by Nandagopal is being held at the Gallery Time and Space till August 27. — The writer is an art curator and expert.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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