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A tantric detective' on loose in Delhi!

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Published on: June 12, 2017 | Updated on: June 12, 2017

The author says the story is like a Harry Potter for adults.

Shweta Taneja

Shweta Taneja

Bengaluru: Author, journalist and fantasy enthusiast Shweta Taneja launched her latest book Matsya Curse, the second in the Anantya Tantrist Mystery series on Sunday.

Jam packed with adventure and dark twists and turns in the plot, it revolves around Anantya as she battles monsters and more, all in the streets of Delhi.

The author says the story is like a Harry Potter for adults. "Anantya is 23, she is independent, she is your regular city girl with special powers. She’s a tantric detective, fighting a tantric underground," Shweta said during the launch function at British Council Library.

A mix of Indian mythology packed with a superhero punch, this book is the best of both worlds, she said. "I wanted to create something I wanted to read. Like for example, something that would happen closer to home. I also wanted to mix our mythology in it, as it has always fascinated me. I came across the philosophy of the tantric energy and that was it, I knew my plot," she said.        

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