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Get out of that CLOSET!

Published Dec 10, 2018, 12:02 am IST
Updated Dec 10, 2018, 12:02 am IST
Those dull and drab wardrobes are passé. Use these alternatives to add some style to your living space...
The bunk bed and closet alternative is very useful
 The bunk bed and closet alternative is very useful

Wardrobes are a necessity for a functional home, allowing you to tuck away clothes, accessories and other items, which de-clutters a space. However, for those with smaller homes or rooms with not enough space for a wardrobe, there is an immediate need to find alternatives. 

Throwing light on the importance of a wardrobe, and the ways those struggling with confined spaces can find alternatives, Cynthia Grooger freelance interior designer says, “Having clothes strewn around especially in a bedroom, hampers the entire look of the room. While smaller rooms are a challenge, there are several wardrobe alternatives that can add value to the interiors.” 


Adding to this, Leanne Alcasoas, founder of Studio Detailine feels that a wardrobe helps in space planning and de-cluttering. While there are various aesthetically pleasing options to choose from, if space does not permit a built-in wardrobe, she still advises auditing your wardrobe every six months. 

“This way, one can eliminate unwanted and unused items that also lend a clarity to the amount of space required. It allows for the usage of the space available in the most productive manner. I also believe strongly ‘less is more,’ drawing from one of my favourite architects, Mies Vander Rohe,” smiles Leanne.
For those looking for wardrobes or the like that take less space, this option is value for money, and looks chic, Cynthia also has a few suggestions...

Hanger Wardrobe
“A hanger wardrobe isn’t a wardrobe at all but it looks beautiful. It is an option for those living within compact spaces that cannot accommodate a rack,” says Cynthia. Inspired by imagery on Pinterest, she says she tried it at a friend’s studio. 

You take a bunch of hangers suspend it from a spot on the ceiling. You can paint the hangers to go with the room’s decor and it instantly looks great. While it allows you to organise and gives you clarity on what you require and don’t, she warns that it can get shabby if not organised regularly.

Leanne suggests suspending ropes with hooks from the ceiling. “They can create purposeful wardrobe spaces too. Another way of adding detail and character is by replacing the ropes with metal chains, the loops of the chain could be used to hang scarves, jewellery, etc,” she states.

Closet Bunk Beds
These are beds that have the lower portion meant for drawers and small cupboards and the upper portion used as a bed. It looks like a bunk bed but is meant for one person. These beds are customised to the buyer’s preference and add a lot of character to the room.

Clothes Rack
A clothes rack is available at any furniture store. “The ease of availability and it’s cost effectiveness is one of the many reasons people turn to this piece of furniture,” says Cynthia. Agreeing to this, Krithika Janakiraman, a DIY interior design enthusiast says that if you organise the clothes in a manner that allows the colours to pop, with scarves and stoles adding more structure, the rack would look beautiful. Stools too could be placed below the clothes to serve as holders for footwear, she suggests.

Clothes Rail
DIY enthusiasts can opt for a rail. “You can use PVC pipes or metal rods, that can be sourced easily, and painted. A carpenter or welder will be able to fix it. It’s all about being innovative and thinking out-of-the-box,” she says.

Wooden Ladder
Two ladders can be placed in an inclination towards each other, creating a triangle. Two planks are to be placed between the two, forming a joint. It also serves as a space to arrange your footwear. A bar can be added on the top to hang clothes on. 

For those looking to beautify your already existing wardrobe, Leanne suggests adding mirrors to them. In small spaces, adding mirrors provides an illusion of spaciousness. She also recommends painting the wardrobe interiors in a lighter tone, this would help you see the colour tone of your clothes. 
The process of finding alternatives to wardrobes is fun, with no hard and fast rule, so harness your inner creativity and transform your little space.


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