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Vizag sculptor's voluptuous women inspire Rohit Bal's fashion line

Deccan Chronicle| Reshmi Chakarvorty

Published on: March 10, 2020 | Updated on: March 11, 2020

G Ravinder Reddy portrays women with wide eyes, golden skin and crimson lips

Vizag-based sculptor G. Ravinder Reddy.

Vizag-based sculptor G. Ravinder Reddy.

Vizag-based sculptor G. Ravinder Reddy is known for his giant heads and voluptuous sculptures that celebrate women. Often portrayed with wide eyes, golden skin and crimson lips, Ravinder Reddy’s works have inspired many upcoming artists, who find in them a firm balance between pop art culture and Indian tradition.

The inspiration from Ravinder’s works, however, seems to have now seeped into other fields too, for the ace fashion designer Rohit Bal’s canvas of couture will showcase the eminent artist’s works now.

Inspiring collaborations

Talking about his collaboration with Rohit  Bal — a first collaboration of this sort — Ravinder Reddy says, "Rohit was the first one to send me the proposal to collaborate around January this year for the Lotus Makeup India Fashion Week (LMIFW)."

However, owing to the outbreak of coronavirus and the fears surrounding it, we know that LMIFW now stands postponed by a couple of months.

That has not dampened Ravinder’s spirit, as it is buoyed by the fashion designer’s appreciation of his work. "When we interacted, Rohit told me that he was aware of my style of work and that he has seen quite a few of my works. He then told me how, for his line to be showcased at the fashion show, he wants to take inspiration mainly from my golden head sculptures, apart from my other works," adds Ravinder, who will soon be offering his creative inputs to Rohit to develop the design line.

However, owing to the distance — given that Ravinder Reddy lives in Vizag — the duo’s communication will be restricted to videos and emails. "It would not be possible for me to visit his studio every now and then to see them developing the designs, but we will stay connected online," elaborates Ravinder.

"Apart from borrowing my works to keep them in his studio for inspiration, Rohit will visit some of the places in Delhi where my works are on display."

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