Unveiling the unknown realms

A recent series of paintings by well known artist Sachin Jaltare, titled Svayambhu will be exhibited at Kalakriti art gallery.

The huge body of work by Sachin Jaltare delves deep into the unseen and unknown aspects of self and its connection with the cosmic energy. The works are rich in multiple layers that reveal and conceal the many intricate nuances of meditative contemplations.

Inspired by the span and depth of thoughts discussed in age old Indian texts and scriptures, his works consistently connect to their core and dimension. While elaborating the conceptual trajectory of the present series he shares, “What we know about ourselves as well as the universe is very less as compared to what we don’t know. My work is the quest and journey towards unveiling such nuances from a human being’s perspective as well as from an artist’s.”


He adds, “Each and every element in my visual vocabulary emanates the presence of unanimous energy.” The works reinstate a combination of representational and non representational sections which merge, overlap and coincide together. The neutral ethos of the figures is enhanced by their simplified avatars and non descriptive abbreviation. Their stances are composed and subtle and the minimalistic stylisation while rendering their bodies and drapery grants them an earthy and organic richness.

The colour palette is serene and subtle; multiple softly undulating tones and shades that fall within the greyscale get included into the visual diction. Altogether, a mystic space gets built and a sense of harmony and equilibrium gets manifested. Apart from arrays of paintings, the show includes drawings which are intricately rendered and softly reinstate the depths of chiaroscuro. These delicate and sensitively delineated compositions are contemporary and primitive at the same time.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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