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Mindful in their canvas

Published Sep 8, 2018, 12:05 am IST
Updated Sep 8, 2018, 12:05 am IST
This exhibition curated on the need to protect the environment brings together a motley crew of talented artistes.
Birth of Beauty
 Birth of Beauty

The environment becomes inspiration. My response to it becomes an idea. And the idea becomes purpose and action through interpretation and painting.’’ 
 — Gerald Blommer

In an age where the environment is taking centre stage, globally, art comprises of the select few mediums through which one can spread awareness about the ills we have been causing to the world. Many artists, today in the contemporary milieu have been turning their attention towards the generic issue. Ashrafi Bhagat, a renowned curator from Chennai and gallerist Rajini Rekha came up with the idea of hosting a show with some of the most impressive ensemble of artists to shed more light on the topic with N-vironment and Meditation.


The artists displaying their oeuvre are Parvathy Nayar, Bharat Thakur, Jacob Jebraj, Kumaresan Selvaraj, Mukesh Sharma, Vaishali Oak, Preetha Kannan, Rajan Krishnan and Sunil Shree. The word environment conjures up numerous pictures and thoughts in the human psyche, becoming inclusive of every dimension in our life. Global warming has constantly been posing a threat and some artists have captured it with astounding brilliance.

DISSONANED by Mukesh SharmaDISSONANED by Mukesh Sharma

Parvathi Nayar has an interest centered in micro dimensions of life, particularly focusing on the internal environment of the physiology of the human body creating an artistry of human cells that are as fascinating as they are intriguing. Artist Jacob Jebraj utilises urban detritus as children’s toys to project chaotic unplanned urban environment on the support of the automobile door, indirectly meditating on the pollution caused by fuel. One artist who constantly creates for such themes is the Yoga guru and artist Bharat Thakur. His love for nature and environment has transcended through abstracts that display a sense of serenity and fulfilment. His work The Inferno sheds light on the precarious environment we have created as we continue to evolve. 


The art show is on at Gallery Reves till September 20.

The writer is an art expert and curator. 

Q & A: The artist speaks
A tete-a-tete with artist Ashrafi Bhagat and Bharat Thakur...
How did the concept come about?
Ashrafi Bhagat: The show came out of a seminar paper I had presented on Environment in Jaipur in January. A suggestion was to get artists and their works into a curated show. When Rajini called me to curate a show, the concept of mediation on environment was offered, and she accepted it. I sent out a concept note to all artists. It concerned a holistic approach to environment.
As an artist, how important is art in promoting environment and meditation?
Bharat Thakur: Art is a bridge between the inner world of a painter and the environment. It creates its own impact and is as connected to the universe as any other object . It’s a meditation to conceive of a new series. We give our whole to every piece. And this quality of engaging with your entire being makes the artist a natural lover of all life. To save the environment.
How have you managed to blend yoga and art together?
Bharat Thakur:  Throughout history, art has stemmed from the urge of man’s spirit to express itself, through art the spirit finds its voice, its wings, its spark. Yoga is the science of unshackling the spirit. For me the union of art and yoga is not the goal but my starting point to evoke all unions.