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Etching Indian motifs on the canvas

Published Jul 8, 2017, 3:30 pm IST
Updated Jul 8, 2017, 5:16 pm IST
Pune based artist Madhavi Joshi believes in spreading positive vibes through her artwork.
Painter Madhavi Joshi
 Painter Madhavi Joshi

Pune based artist Madhavi Joshi is exhibiting her art entitled Uurdhva at Art Walk Gallery,  Nariman Point, Mumbai from July 3 to 16. Her paintings depict the Hindu iconography and show a bent towards the myth and religion.

Her present series Uurdhva represent the trinity Gods Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, their iconography and spiritual symbols and how they all combine to impart a sense of visual aesthetic. Her paintings also show predominance in motifs and iconography which the artist says exudes a sense of positive energy.

Speaking to us, the artist who has exhibited both in India and abroad reveals more

Unnamed acrylic on canvas by MadhaviUnnamed acrylic on canvas by Madhavi

Why the prevalent mythic motif across your painting?

I am an artist born and brought up in India. Ever since we have been kinds we have heard about the great values and preaching from mythological stories. My paintings try to essay that innate Indian value on the canvas by using Hindu iconography.

More than figures, symbols seem to be more your style, why?

Symbols radiate positive vibrations in the atmosphere plus it also summarizes all the essentials of God in just one symbol. For example Shiva has many names and many avatars but the symbol of the trident instantly brings the image of Rudra to us.

Are you a spontaneous painter or more calculated in your work?

I am more of a spontaneous painter. I like to work with colours and designs in a fast tempo.

Representation of Shiva by MadhaviRepresentation of Shiva by Madhavi

What do your paintings represent?

My paintings represent the spirituality of the Hindu pantheon of god. I believe that it spreads a positive vibe in the atmosphere and also represents our rich heritage and culture.

What does art mean to you?

I believe that art is the fourth basic need of any human being after food, shelter and clothes. Without art one cannot lead a peaceful life. Art is self expression.

Unnamed acrylic on canvas by MadhaviUnnamed acrylic on canvas by Madhavi

What is your favored artistic medium and why?

My favored mode of artistic expression is acrylic on canvas as I like to work in a fast tempo acrylic colors help me achieve my inspiration which I want to paint on canvas.

Why the name Uurdhva? What does it signify?

Uurdhva means high. According to Indian philosophy they say in order to reach the Almighty you must sacrifice everything and attain peace of mind only then can you reach Uurdhva. Thus in my paintings in order to attain peace I have tried to use all spiritual symbols which would make you reach up to Uurdhva.

What can art enthusiasts expect from your exhibition?

Every line every symbol in these paintings have a meaning. The placement of symbols, colors and designs all contribute to make a piece of art worthy and spread positive vibes in the atmosphere.




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