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Published on: October 6, 2016 | Updated on: October 6, 2016

Young author, Savi Sharma is passionate about storytelling, whatever be the medium.

Savi Sharma

Savi Sharma

For 23-year-old year Savi Sharma, writing stories was the passion closest to her heart. She was tired of the mould she lived in and wanted to break free of norms. She always aspired to tell a befitting story that the society could relate to — and finally quit her CA course and took to full-time writing!

All of her graduation days were spent writing and completing a story. Still, Savi was not quite satisfied with the final output. "I felt I was missing certain aspects and the final product didn’t seem quite right to me. I started writing all over again, adding a few more characters to my story," says the  Surat-based author.

The characters that appear in her debut book, Everyone Has a Story, have crossed paths with her at different points of time — "There is a bit of me in every character, as well as a bit of people I know. Readers might feel a personal connect to the story — and also with the varied experiences the characters face," she explains.

"The book talks about the individual lives of Meera, Vivaan, Kabir and Nisha, who have different goals to achieve in life," says Savi, continuing, "Meera’s story is autobiographical — her dream is to write a book that can touch the hearts of many. Vivaan, a bank employee, wants to travel the world. In fact, travelling and exploring the world is one of my biggest dreams. Meanwhile, the characters of Kabir and Nisha are some of the people I have met."

The book is an amalgamation of friendship, love and shows how lives are interconnected, explains Savi — "The story tracks the lives of the four characters, as their lives weave together."

The young writer also aspires to become a Bollywood filmmaker some day. "I like storytelling and I do not mind the medium through which I can tell it — either through a book, a film script or maybe even as a teacher in school," beams Savi. She has already started work on her second book, which she reveals, is an inspirational story of courage and determination.

(The book will be launched today at Starmark Store, Express Avenue Mall, at 6 pm)

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