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Abstract in expression

Published Oct 7, 2016, 11:56 pm IST
Updated Oct 8, 2016, 7:28 am IST
For Andrew, a specialist in abstract art, painting is a journey of several emotions, incidents and phases in life which he has encountered.
A painting by Andrew Paul
 A painting by Andrew Paul

When one meets Andrew Paul for the first time, it’s hard to believe that this maverick artist has made a mark in the art field in such a short time. The soft-spoken ever learning artist has come up with a wonderful collection of paintings at Sublime titled Altered Surfaces by Andrew Paul. This happens to be his first solo show and he is visibly excited at the prospect.

Currently working at an ad agency as a copywriter, he juggles his work and art. For Andrew, a specialist in abstract art, painting is a journey of several emotions, incidents and phases in life which he has encountered. Since childhood, Andrew has always had a keen interest towards all forms of art, specially in paintings, he has studied, researched and learnt a lot from different artists understanding their ways of expression and use of colours.

As years went by, he tried to develop his own style of art in which he expresses his thoughts and expressions in its truest forms — abstract expressionism. Andrew believes, “Art should be a creation of your soul and heart, which in turn should be created in a way that no-one, even your own self cannot recapture its essence.”

Recently Andrew’s work Mighty My Saviour, got featured in the 2015 edition of the Oxford Encyclopedia of the Bible and the Arts in South Asia. This makes Paul the youngest artist in the country to earn this accolade.  As an artist, he always thought that emotions, reactions and feelings of humans were perhaps some of the most powerful forms of expression.


“There has been a constant struggle and battle inside me to create works of art that portray these myriad emotions through various hues, mixes, textures and patterns.” says the artist.

Andrew’s abstracts have a uniqueness about it. His textures are carefully rendered to give a soothing feel and a lot of his works have a dreamy abstract expressionist feel about them. 

Andrew’s journey has been a voyage of soul searching with a higher motive and mightier goal in mind. All the 23 works of art have a story to tell. Speaking about his most favourite work, Andrew feels it is the Red soul work in which he has depicted a circular red bindu which signifies power and he aims to speak through the work that no matter the circumstances we face in life, we are never overawed and we have the energy to turn the tables. The show marks a nice beginning to the promising career of the artists.


The art show is on at the Sublime Art Gallery till October 29.



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