Glimpses of village life

Senior artists T. Vaikuntam and G. Anjaneyulu are representing Hyderabad in a grand manner at an annual art show in Delhi.

Art NOW 2017, hosted by Art Alive gallery in Delhi, amalgamates the works of some of the most renowned stalwarts in the field of art. The show rightly boasts of a highly eclectic collection, exhibiting masterpieces rendered in varied media.

Artist G. Anjaneyulu shares his experience of being a part of the show. “I am very happy to be able to exhibit my works with one of the most renowned senior artist from our city, Vaikuntam sir, along with artists like Krishen Khanna, Anjolie Ela menon and Satish Gujral.” Anjaneyulu is loved for his detailed works that grant still life a deeper meaning and strength. His untitled work on display in the show is that of a metal kettle, emphatically enlarged and composed in an ambiguous space. The geometrically patterned background gives the artwork a stark character, leaving room for the viewer to contemplate about the time and space about the objects’ existence.

(Right and above) Works of artist T. Vaikuntam(Right and above) Works of artist T. Vaikuntam

Anjaneyulu further says, “I am working on a series that revolves around the many objects and elements that are an indispensible part of rural life. My childhood days were spent in a village, so these works in a way remind me of my roots.”

On the other hand, the works by T. Vaikuntam exemplify serene, quiet and composed stances of village men and women. Lines play a very prominent role in his artwork — rhythmic and lyrical, they move in continuous sweeps and accentuate the facial features of the protagonists in maturely fluent connotation. The colour palette is bright and is endowed with fresh, luminescent hues that enliven the surface.

(Above) Art by G. Anjaneyulu(Above) Art by G. Anjaneyulu

Vaikuntam had to miss the opening of the show due to the harsh weather conditions. When asked if he would like to say something for the young artists, he comments, “I am very happy for the young, hardworking artists of the country. They are doing well and there are a lot of opportunities awaiting them,” he concludes.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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