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Lifestyle Books and Art 03 Dec 2017 Q&A with Kris Ad ...

Q&A with Kris Advaya

Published Dec 3, 2017, 9:46 am IST
Updated Dec 3, 2017, 9:46 am IST
So the book was my first exploration of long-form writing and anyone who reads it will understand that it simply ached to come out.
Kris Advaya was born in 1976 in Slovenia. His latest book is The Buddha of the Brothel.
 Kris Advaya was born in 1976 in Slovenia. His latest book is The Buddha of the Brothel.

Until I wrote The Buddha of the Brothel, the only meaningful texts I wrote were lyrics for my band’s songs many moons ago. So the book was my first exploration of long-form writing and anyone who reads it will understand that it simply ached to come out.

Q Describe your favourite writing space. 
Quiet, with temperatures ranging from 23 - 28 degrees. Anything more is a bonus.


Q Your favourite word?
At this moment, I would go with “gymnasium”, but only because it literally means “the place where you’re naked”. Ancient Greece sounds like fun. 

Q Do you have a writing schedule?
I follow two rules. One, always write for at least two hours in a day. and two, never write on a full stomach; my hunger has to be more than merely an artistic one.

Q Which book do you wish you had written?
“Lolita. Nothing comes close. It’s no wonder Nabokov called it his “love letter to the English language”

Q Ever struggled with writer’s block?
Not really. I think the impediment is primarily reserved for those types of writing where plotting is of paramount importance. Although, I do sometimes stop until I find exactly the word or the expression I need.
Q Do you keep a diary?
No. But I should. Writing my autobiographical stuff would have been much less nerve-wracking. 

Q What inspires you to write? Do you have a secret trick, or a book/author that helps?
The only trick is one I would not recommend to anyone. I try to end a passage as perfectly as possible to then be inspired to keep writing on the same level. That, unfortunately, doesn't seem to work for most.
Q Best piece of advice you’ve ever got?
“You don’t always have to say everything that’s on your mind.” Thanks mom, but it was too late.

Q Coffee/tea/cigarettes — numbers please — while you are writing…
Massive amounts of tea. Occasionally coffee, but I try to avoid it as I tend to crash afterwards.
Q Which books are you reading at present?
B. The Bridge in the Jungle by B. Traven.
Q Who are your favourite authors?
The list keeps changing all the time, 
but among writers who are criminally underrated I would mention the late Boris Vian, a French polymath known principally for his surrealist novel Froth on the Daydream (AKA Mood Indigo AKA Foam of the Daze) and his anti-war song The Deserter in which he urges the president to be a good boy and give 
his own life for killing poor people instead of the artist.

Q Which book/author should be banned on grounds of bad taste?
No book or anything else should ever be banned on any grounds whatsoever.
Q Which is the most under-rated book?
I’ll go with Notes from the Underground by Dostoyevsky, although it is highly rated among select scholars. A difficult and unsettling existentialist read which stands out through how far ahead of its time it was when originally published.
Q Which are your favourite children's books?
I read a lot of globally unknown Yugoslavian authors, but among those known abroad, I remember enjoying Treasure Island.
Q Which classics do you want to read?
I somehow never got around to reading The Master and Margarita, even though it was in my syllabus.
Q Who is your favourite literary character?
Meursault (The Stranger).
Q Which is the funniest book you have read?
My memory is often unreliable, so what I can come up is The Water-Method Man, one of John Irving’s less known works from 1972.
Q Which book do you wish you had written?
Lolita. Nothing comes close. It’s no wonder Nabokov called it his “love letter to the English language”.