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Mammoth in arty fervour

Published Nov 3, 2018, 12:33 am IST
Updated Nov 3, 2018, 12:33 am IST
This art extravaganza provides the perfect platform for dedicated artists in Bengaluru.
Artist Micky
 Artist Micky

“I can’t understand how anyone is able to paint without optimism. Despite the general pessimistic attitude in the world today, I am nothing but an optimist.” Hans Hofmann

These epic words by the legendary Hans Hoffman make a lot of sense in the world we are living in today. The annual Chitra Sangam show to be held at Chitrakala Parishath, an art extravaganza, is the brainchild of artist Rashmi Soni and her techie husband Amit Verma. The show aims at providing a platform to serious and dedicated artists, giving them the necessary push while acting as a catalyst that propels them to a higher level.


Rashmi Soni, the curator, is an artist with great talent. Her watercolours and portraits are what impress many. Under shiny colours, the umbrella under which she tries to get together and promote artists has been active for the past couple of years. Over 170 works of art will be on display in this mammoth art show.

Micky’s Smile of Life Sapphire, the second prize winnerMicky’s Smile of Life Sapphire, the second prize winner

Though most of the artists in the show are self-taught, one can barely encounter a work which is short of talent or even call it hobby art. The artworks, be it the abstract by Anjana, or the gorgeous depiction of sea-waves by Nupur and the intricately-done charcoal and pencil portraits by Micky, all put together form an impressive ensemble of artists who are passionate at heart and have the necessary fuel to engage themselves as artists in the longer run.   

Sharing her thoughts on the impact of technology in art, Rashmi says, “Technology is ubiquitous now, and art is no exception. From learning, creation, dissemination and eventual sale of art, all these aspects are touched by technology in a very positive manner. Group shows like ours present a unique opportunity of learning, networking and at the same time, getting rewarded.

Ruby’s Sapphire which won thrid prizeRuby’s Sapphire which won thrid prize

Speaking of technology, the recently-concluded Vizag Fintech Festival threw up many surprises. Talk of a similar but bigger platform which links artists and art with block chain technology for authenticity and with the assistance of Fintech, JA Choudary, and Nara Lokesh expressed their desire to help a lot of artists from the state. Art shows like this must be encouraged as they bring overall art in to perspective. No matter how much we stress on mainstream artists, we need to encourage the emerging artists for art’s sake.

Art show is on November 1 to 7 at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath.