Sheen and shine

These metals have to be used carefully as too much of it can be a bit overpowering.

Once a thing of the past, metals like brass, copped and bronze are making a comeback and interior designers are using them in fun and interesting ways in furniture as well as decor pieces. Rather than an overdose of it, keep it simple and minimal!

While the overload of metals likes brass, copper and bronze may be a thing of past, but the usage of it in accents and embellishments of décor items is still widespread. As we look at the art nouveau style of interior and the resurgence in design, these metals are the most preferred among designers and are making a polished return among aficionados.

Brass is being used for a long time in interiors and home décor products, more so in the last couple of years, copper and bronze are also being used depending on the look and the theme of the space. Interior expert Nupur Gupta opines, “Gold coloured brass legs for centre tables, side tables, consoles, and tabletops are quite popular. They can be combined with contemporary inlay and the metals can be used on screens or as laser cut to create beautiful patterns.

These metals have to be used carefully as too much of it can be a bit overpowering. They look super when combined with solid wood and veneers. They are different from steel and iron as steel gives a more modern feel, these metals give a classic finish. To maintain, poly coat the metals in a kiln for maximum shine otherwise spots tend to appear in course of time. Regular cleaning with a soft flannel cloth is also recommended.”

In the world of décor, metallic surface finishes are the new in thing as they add a lot of oomph to any space. These are not only more long-lasting than paint, but they are also a more sustainable option. According to décor expert Krishika Shah, “Copper and copper patina is a popular metal for wall panels. These can be used to highlight walls or accent bedroom walls. Brass is popularly used as a surface finish for home decor items such as center and side tables, specifically because of the amount of opulence it brings to the interiors. For any form of wall art or accent, my go-to would be bronze. These metals are also better than iron and steel as they uplift any given design and are apt for the current trend of maximalism. One can also use these metals for doors and entryways to highlight the entrances and add an element of nature.”

These metals are incorporated in minimalistic ways giving even the simplest shaped design an edge over the other, and the best way is to use them as embellishments according to interior designer Nitin Kohli. He recommends using them in moderate quantities to give a luxe and glamorous effect and says, “Along with using them for handles, doors inlays, panels etc, one can also include them as accessories like vases and figurines. They can be used as bathroom fittings and fixtures, or with part of lightings.”

Speaking about the maintenance, Kohli, adds, “Brass will automatically start to tarnish if exposed to oxygen, and the only way to prevent polished brass from tarnishing is to coat it with a layer of clear sealer that will prevent air from reaching the metal itself. Many brass surfaces come with this finish originally, but it can wear down over time. Refresh the coating every few years to keep the brass shiny and like-new without frequent polishing. A clear polyurethane sealer will protect the brass from oxygen exposure without causing discoloration. Some easy home DIY hacks to clean or maintain brass include the use of lemon, baking soda etc.”

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