Mumbai Mobile Cr¨ches to organise exhibition showcasing health through art

NGO hosts exhibition with focus towards creating awareness of health issues faced by migrant construction workers and their children.

Mumbai: An NGO, Mumbai Mobile Creches (MMC) is all geared up to hold its first ever Health Exhibition at Mancherji Joshi Hall, Dadar, on November 7 and 8.

While all of us have a house to live and a space to stay, we tend to forget about the children whose parents are busy making our lives comfortable. And making our homes. According to the NGO, an estimated 3 million people are characterized by insecurity of wages, dangerous working conditions, and lack of access to any kind of welfare in today’s society.

A 3D model made by children of MMCA 3D model made by children of MMC

While a number of NGOs across India are doing all they can to make lives of these often overlooked children fighting penury, Mumbai Mobile Crèches, on its part, specialises in providing crèche facilities for those needy children who face the brunt of construction sites, a dangerous place where often children are left to fend for themselves while their parents are fighting hard to make daily ends meet.

While MMC has been in operation since 1969, for the very first time they will hold a "Health through Art Exhibition" to create an awareness about the community of migrant construction workers.

MMC Health Exhibition installationMMC Health Exhibition installation

The theme of the exhibition will be "Health Lifescapes of Migrant Communities" which will rotate around topics such as environment (hygiene and sanitation), community participation, hand-washing, nutrition, immunization, and pregnant women.

Speaking about the event, Vrishali Pispati - Chief Executive, MMC, says, “MMC’s health exhibition will throw light on the vulnerability and health issues migrant communities living on construction sites and their children face by using art as a medium. There will be a combination of health related themes presented through various forms of art to gain public attention regarding issues on health of migrant communities. The focus will also be on communicating MMC’s role in the well-being of migrant construction workers and their children.”

Mumbai Mobile Cr¨ches specialises in providing cr¨che facilities for those needy children who face the brunt of construction sitesMumbai Mobile Crèches specialises in providing crèche facilities for those needy children who face the brunt of construction sites

According to Pispati, these children and the community are mostly unseen in the eyes of the public, the theme has been created with a focus towards dissolving that barrier and showcasing how MMC helps ameliorate life on a construction site.

Highlighting the issues faced by these children, 3D models installations will be on display for public viewing. These art works will depict their live before and after their introduction to MMC. These are made by teachers and Children of MMC with the help of Art experts.

Pispati further adds, “We wish to create an awareness, realization and acknowledgement of the health issues of migrant construction workers in Mumbai and their children as well as MMC’s role in their well-being.”

MMC has been in operation since 1969MMC has been in operation since 1969

MMC has planned a fun way of engagement for all the visitors in the ways of different and unusual activities.

As for what next, Pispati concludes, “Mumbai Mobile Crèches' vision is for all children to have a nurturing and happy childhood.”

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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