User Trends In Astrology Queries This Valentine’s Day

New Delhi: Established in 2001, Astroyogi, the leading digital astrology platform, has released a report to understand the user trends in astrology inquiries this Valentine’s Day . The latest report sheds light on the shifting dynamics of relationship queries among the younger generation compared to a decade ago. Personalised sessions and access to experts, including live sessions, have played a significant role in engaging more users in this segment.

A decade ago, the landscape of relationships looked vastly different. The 23-30 age group predominantly sought advice and clarity on matters of love and relationships, particularly around Valentine's Day. However, today's scenario has undergone a significant transformation, with the 18-20 age group constituting approximately 60% of Valentine-related queries as per the report. This shift can largely be attributed to the accessibility of free consultations, allowing individuals to seek guidance earlier in their romantic journeys.

Gender dynamics in Valentine's Day queries on Astroyogi have also witnessed a remarkable transformation over the past decade. The percentage of female users seeking love and relationship advice has significantly increased, now constituting 60% of inquiries.

Sharing his insights on the report, Aditya Kapoor, the COO of Astroyogi said, “Being in the digital astrology space since 2001, we've observed a fascinating evolution in our users' priorities over the years. While marriage used to dominate inquiries back in 2010, today's seekers are more concerned with the sustainability of existing relationships or the prospect of finding love. Inquiries about marriage now arise at a later stage, typically around 32-33, compared to the earlier age range of 23-24, spanning across all genders. This reflects a deeper societal shift towards prioritising personal growth and compatibility in relationships”.

In addition to analysing broader trends, the 2024 report delves into specific astrological themes dominating this year compared to a decade ago. Notably, there's been a surge in users consulting tarot card readers. This increase is attributed partly to Astroyogi's "Pick Your Cards" feature, enhancing user engagement by allowing them to select their own cards for a more immersive experience. This trend spans across age groups, reflecting a growing curiosity and interest in tarot readings alongside traditional Vedic astrology.

The report even highlights inquiries dominating Astroyogi's platform during the Valentine's season. While the top queries revolve around themes of celebration, proposals, and post-breakup interactions, general inquiries include concerns about attire choices and the significance of Valentine's Day in initiating physical relationships. From relying on traditional report-based and phone consultations to now embracing app-based consultations, Astroyogi continues to set an example in offering invaluable insights into the evolving nature of romantic inquiries.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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