Poll Panel Assures To Give ‘Nazari Naksha’ to BJP Candidate

Hyderabad: A two-judge panel of the Telangana High Court on Wednesday recorded a statement of the Election Commission that it would give a copy of Nazari Naksha, which would be a map disclosing all households which fall within the boundaries of each polling station and the number of voters in each household to Konda Vishweshwar Reddy, BJP’s Chevella candidate, in the ensuing Lok Sabha election. The panel of Chief Justice Alok Aradhe and Julakanti Anil Kumar were hearing a writ plea challenging the action of the poll body in not disclosing Nazari Naksha with door numbers and not adhering to the standard operating procedure issued by the chief electoral officer. After hearing both senior counsel, the panel closed the writ plea after an assurance was given that the grievance of the petitioner was attended to and that the details of the voter list as sought will be supplied to the party.

HC quashes closure order against industrial unit

A two-judge panel of the Telangana High Court, comprising Chief Justice Alok Aradhe and Justice J. Anil Kumar, quashed an order of closure of an industry passed by the joint chief environmental engineer (JCEE). It is the case of the petitioner Frosters that a notice was issued by the Pollution Control Board due to complaints of air pollution received from the local residents. However, it was alleged that an explanation for the same has been submitted by the petitioner which the respondent engineer claims has not been received. The petitioner contended that the permission under Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Amendment Act, 1988 is not necessary since it does not belong to the category of ‘industry’. The court took note of the fact that the said order was passed by the JCEE, who was not qualified to pass an order at the first instance. The court, in view of the same, pointed out that if an order is passed in violation of principles of natural justice, this court can pass an order in such case. Therefore, the court was of the view that even though the reply was filed by petitioner, it is evident that the order was passed in violation and accordingly quashed the same. The court directed PCB to assign the case to another officer within 15 days and disposed of the petition. It also granted liberty to the petitioner to file an appeal under the Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Amendment Act, 1988.

Legal formalities first, registration of sale deeds later: HC

Justice N. Shravan Kumar of the Telangana High Court cautioned people approaching the High Court for registration of their sale deeds without complying with the necessary legal formalities. The judge was dealing with a writ plea filed by Sheikh Rafiq complaining that the sun-registrar Shamshabad had refused to register a sale deed for an extent of about 278 sq. yds. in Narakonda gram panchayat of Shamshabad mandal. The Judge pointed out that people were approaching the High Court without even presenting the document for registration and indirectly, trying to get an order to register the same in order to overcome legal shortcomings in the document. He observed that such practices were inappropriate and had to be deterred. The justice relied on an earlier order for the High Court where it was held that the party can only approach the High Court after the documents are returned by the authorities under Section 71 of the Stamps and Registration Act with proof of the endorsement of its refusal to register.

Land ownership: HC suspends Lok Adalat order

A two-judge panel of the Telangana High Court suspended the order of the Lok Adalat on allegations that it was obtained by fraud. The panel of Justice Sam Koshy and N. Tukaramji took on file a writ petition filed by Sri Roop Karan Sanghi and his brother, both residents of Banjara Hills, questioning the December 2021 award with regard to land measuring 4170 sq. yds. in Mandi Meeralam. The land in question, according to the petitioners, belongs to them and it was reflected in revenue records. It is contended that the property was lying vacant and unsocial elements called the petitioners to sell the property, which they refused. They also referred to a civil suit for injunction pending in the civil court. Based on a subsequent false suit, it is contended that fraud was played on them and consent was obtained before the Lok Adalat naming Srimathi Kritika Thakur and others as responsible for a fraudulent decree, the petitioners moved the High Court and got an interim suspension of the degree based on the Lok Adalat award.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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