Karnataka: District Administrations To Help Poll Officials To Beat The Heat

District Administration In North Karnataka Take Adequate Measures For Smooth Conduct Of Elections In The Scorching Summer

As temperatures surge, both in the meteorological forecast and the political landscape, district administrations of North Karnataka launch various measures to ensure the smooth sailing of the electoral process amidst the scorching heat.

District administrations have opted to equip officials at check posts with amenities such as air coolers, caps, umbrellas, and cold water for their comfort and well-being.

Across the state, mercury levels have surged, exceeding 40 degrees Celsius in North Karnataka districts. Kalaburagi recorded a scorching 42.7 degrees on Sunday. Amidst the stringent adherence to election guidelines, district administrations are striving to ensure that ground officials, particularly those on duty during the sweltering afternoons, are adequately supported.

The officials at the check posts have to keep a strict eye on every vehicle, sitting inside the temporary check post, and standing under the scorching sun.

Kalaburagi District Deputy Commissioner and District Election Officer, Fouzia Taranum, shed light on the measures being taken to help the officials on election duty.

"We have implemented steps like providing cold water and strategically locating checkposts in shaded areas, either under trees or through the use of shaded nets," she told Deccan Chronicle.

The district administration has also initiated a rotation of duty shifts to prevent officials from bearing the brunt of afternoon duty repeatedly. The officials are also provided umbrellas.

Precautions are taken to ensure both voters and officials are comfortable on polling day.

"We are ensuring all polling centers have proper water arrangements, shade facilities, and repaired fans," the DC added.

In Belagavi, air coolers have been installed at check posts to provide relief to officials working in sweltering conditions.

"Equipping our check posts with air coolers is a step to support our officials," Rahul Shinde, the CEO of Belagavi Zilla Panchayat and Chikkodi constituency Returning officer said.

The district administration also plans to distribute sun caps to officials in the next 2-3 days.

Meanwhile, polling booths are being equipped with essential amenities to ensure voters cast their votes without any problem.

The district administration aims to provide voters with waiting rooms or shaded areas, to protect from heat and the sun.

Bagalkot DC KM Janaki said that the district administration would provide air coolers and also caps for the officers at check posts.

"Air coolers would be installed in check posts and caps will help those who go to check vehicles. We will get them shortly," she said.

Other district administrations too have initiated various steps to help the officials.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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