Goof up in hall ticket costs 10th grader dear

Class 10 student gets wrong question papers in first two days of SSC board exams

TIRUPATI: A Class 10 student appearing for the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) board examination was disappointed on the first day when he allegedly received a Hindi (SL) question paper instead of Telugu that he had chosen as his first language.

The grave error continued on the second day when he again received a wrong question paper. This time, he received a Telugu (SL) question paper instead of a Hindi paper.

His mistake was he did not check his hall ticket thoroughly before taking the examination.

The error was reported from Atmakur town of Nellore district. The student who was unable to write the two important exams was identified as Modem Siva Kumar, hailing from Karatampadu village.

According to his father Bujjaiah, Siva Kumar pursued his Class 10 at the Zilla Parishad High School and he was appearing for the board exams at St Mary’s High School in Atmakur town.

“On the first day of the examination, the invigilator issued Hindi (SL) question paper instead of Telugu to my son. When he raised an alarm, the invigilator told him that they had issued a question paper based on his hall ticket. In the hall ticket (No.2217121499) issued to my son, it mentioned Hindi as the first paper and Telugu as the second paper.”

“My son pleaded with the invigilator to let him go out and inform this to exam officials. The invigilator refused permission, saying he was not permitted to send students out during the exam,” Bujjaiah said.

The student informed this to his parents. The headmaster reportedly came to the house of the student and asked him to sign a paper. He promised the student that he will be allowed to write the Hindi exam.

“On the first day, invigilators have given me a special Hindi question paper, which is not in my syllabus. Then, on the second day, they issued a Telugu question paper instead of Hindi. When asked, the exam officials said they have issued question papers based on the hall ticket,” Siva Kumar said, while requesting the involvement of higher officials in rectifying the mistake committed by his school staff.

When Deccan Chronicle contacted the Nellore DEO, Ramesh, he said the headmaster and the student who received the hall ticket must check the details properly before taking the exam. “If any mistake was found in the hall ticket, it should be taken to the notice of the higher ups, so that there would be chances to correct them and reissue the hall ticket. The incident was so unfortunate and it happened due to the mistake of the school headmaster and the student,” he said.

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