Andhra Pradesh to distribute tabs to students in September

The tabs given to Class 8 students should be useful to them for the next two years. The maintenance of these tabs is very important, he said

VIJAYAWADA: Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy has announced that tabs will be distributed to Class 8 students in September. He said officials must ensure that an online education player’s content is uploaded on them and ensure they have appropriate specifications and features.

Jagan held a review meeting on the progress of Nadu Nedu works in schools and digital learning here on Tuesday. He said officials must ensure quality and durability while tenders are being called for procurement of the necessary facilities.

“The tabs being given to Class 8 students should be useful to them for the next two years. The maintenance of these tabs is very important. In case of snags, officials must focus on repairing them immediately. Consider the best companies for the procurement of tabs,” the CM said and asked the officials to ensure they are delivered to students at the appropriate time.

The chief minister asked the authorities to set up digital boards and TVs in classrooms. Officials to prepare an action plan on this. The officials informed the CM that they have taken suggestions from experts and are planning to set up interactive screens in some classrooms and TV screens in other classrooms.

The chief minister asked officials to work out how to put digital screens and boards to optimum use. “Study the existing methods of use of digital screens and boards,” he told officials, and added that this will help the students understand subjects like mathematics and science better. The efficiency of the teachers would also increase, he said.

The chief minister opined that it will be good if there is flexibility to highlight the content on the screen. Officials must focus on security of digital screens and panels and prepare an action plan in this regard by July 15.

Chief secretary Sameer Sharma, school education special chief secretary Buditi Rajashekar, school education commissioner Suresh Kumar, Sarwa Siksha Abhiyan SPD Vetri Selvi and other officials were present.

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