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Andhra Pradesh releases texts for six Girijan languages

Published Jun 25, 2022, 10:23 am IST
Updated Jun 25, 2022, 12:45 pm IST
Girijan welfare minister Rajanna Dora — Facebook
 Girijan welfare minister Rajanna Dora — Facebook

VIJAYAWADA: Deputy Chief Minister and Girijan Welfare Minister Peedika Rajanna Dora on Friday released the first-of-its-kind texts (foundational primers) in six Girijan languages.

These texts would be helpful for Girijan students, Dora said at the programme in the Secretariat in Velagapudi. He deplored that Girijans have a fear about getting their children educated and are not benefiting from the schemes meant for them due to illiteracy among them.

Hence, the government decided to educate them by providing them with good education, he said.

He said the government is providing them education in six Girijan languages namely Savara, Sugali, Adivasi Oriya, Konda, Kuvi and Koya. “Tribal students can continue their education without any fear and with the help of the government prepared texts.”

He said the texts reflect the culture, traditions, customs and practices of the tribal people. The texts were prepared in their own mother tongue, through which they can learn Telugu and later master the English language, he said.

State Girijan welfare department secretary Kantilal Dande said the texts were prepared as per the wishes of Chief Minister Jagan Reddy that tribal children should learn their primary education in their mother tongue.

“With the cooperation of SCERT along with the TCR of the Department of Education and the Department of Tribal Affairs and TM (Tribal Cultural Research & Training Management), we conducted three workshops and developed language texts in Savar, Sugali, Adivasi Oriya, Konda, Kuvi and Koya languages based on the views of the relevant language resource persons and experts,” he said.



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