Attendance in AP govt schools goes up to the delight of teachers

Majority of parents from the interiors are happy to let their wards attend school

Nellore: Contrary to the expectations of teachers that less than 50 per cent of students would turn up because of Covid third wave fears and their impact on children, almost up to 70 per cent of children have been attending primary schools, especially in rural areas, when they reopened five days back.

However, the numbers are around 50 to 60 per cent in urban areas.

The situation is no different in high schools where students have been asked to attend school on alternative days due to lack of classrooms given that no classroom can accommodate more than 20 students as a Covid precautionary measure.

Pointing out to the enthusiasm of students to attend classes, a primary school teacher said that many of them expressed a desire to attend school even on Muharram holiday on Friday.

“Having been confined to homes for almost two years, they have become vexed. Moreover, in school, they can meet and catch up with their friends and play with them” a teacher from Naidupeta mandal said.

He said a majority of parents from the interiors are happy to let their wards attend school but the educated parents have some reservations in view of a possible third wave.

“Out of 42 students enrolled in the primary school at the Girijan Colony in Bheemvaram of Naidupeta mandal, 35 to 39 students are attending on an average,” G. Sarath Chandra, a teacher from the school, said while adding that both primary and higher secondary schools are reporting good attendance.

Teachers across the district are hailing the government for giving a face-lift to schools under Nadu-Nedu while stressing that admissions are fast improving.

“Parents are keener because of the improved facilities and introduction of English medium in all government schools. Moreover, private schools have been demanding that full fees be paid in advance. They are particular to collect total fee from beneficiaries of the Amma Vodi programme, under which the government gives `15,000 to mothers of students”, a teacher in Buchireddypalem said.

He underlined the need for at least an additional teacher in primary schools, where only one or two teachers are managing Classes I to V.

Referring to the pictorial dictionary given to primary students and Oxford dictionary for the higher classes apart from textbooks, uniforms, school bag etc., G Aparna, a teacher at Thummur near Naidupeta, said that the books were of high quality and the material given was excellent.

She said many students from private English medium schools are coming to their schools while pointing to six new admissions to Class III and IV within four days of reopening.

Another teacher said some private institutions are demanding parents to clear last year’s fee to get a letter to be promoted to the next class and the transfer certificate to join government schools.

District education officer P. Ramesh said that the attendance was improving gradually in both primary and higher secondary schools while expressing confidence of further improvement with regard to new admissions.

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