Testing time for Telangana\'s government school teachers

Government teachers have pleaded with the state government to reduce the unnecessary clerical works or hire staff for the same

HYDERABAD: With exams approaching and teachers working hard to complete the syllabus in government schools, several government primary school teachers have complained that they are unable to focus on teaching.

This, they said, is because they have to do additional clerical work allotted by the government. Several government teachers and headmasters have said that the education system is hopeless,
especially when it comes to primary education.

“There is already a shortage of teachers wherein two teachers are
teaching 400 students. From them, if one teacher is on leave, the other one cannot teach the students as she/he has to fill all unwanted feedback forms given by the government,” said the headmaster of a
government school.

These teachers are supposed to keep track of mid-day meals including
food storage, shortage and supply. Not only that, they have to attend to register admissions, registration of students for scholarships, issue bona fide and TC certificates, all of which are keeping these teachers busy, distracting their attention from their main job of teaching the

The government teachers said they are managing to complete the syllabus. But, as they are supposed to finish these extra clerical works, and with shortage of teachers, they are forced to teach children through TV lessons and ask other sharp students to take over the class
and teach the rest of the students.

Another headmaster from a government school said that there is no service staff, no attender, no clerk, which is increasing the workload on teachers.

“Why do the government teachers have to take care of registering online attendance, mid-day meals, and uniforms? The entire registration process takes hours to complete. When will the teachers focus on students, especially when a half-day system is followed,” asked the headmaster. The areas from where such problems are reported are Medak, Sangareddy, Adilabad, Patancheruvu etc. The government teachers have pleaded with the state government to reduce the unnecessary additional tasks or hire staff for the

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