Teachers seek trimming of syllabus in Telangana

The federation also wants the govt to consider changing the paper pattern, asking questions only from the portion that has been covered

HYDERABAD: Members of the Telangana State United Teachers' Federation (TSUTF) are planning to give a representation to the government with regards to cutting down the syllabus (SSC) for the examinations as only 50 per cent of the portion has been completed so far.

The federation also wants the government to consider the option of changing the paper pattern, keeping it a bit simpler and asking questions only from the portion that has been completed before the Sankranti break which began from January 8.

Ch. Ravi, state general secretary, TSUTF, said a survey was conducted by his team on 56,000 students and found out that only 22 per cent of them were using smart phones and 11 per cent of them were using it for studies. “We request the government to also provide better facilities for online education if the holidays are extended as it would be difficult to get the syllabus completed through the current online mode of education,” said Ravi. He added that even if holidays were not extended, it would be very stressful to complete the portion on time as the topics would be covered in a rush and more extra classes would be conducted.

Recorded classes are available on Doordarshan and T-SAT Network and students are advised to make use of the same to learn during the current Covid situation by the education officials.

Deccan Chronicle spoke to a few government teachers in the city who said the current Covid situation was not predicted and it might get worse which would bring everyone back to online education. When questioned about students not having access to online education and television, Veera Chary, a government school teacher, said students could access phones and TV networks from their neighbours and figure out a way to study through these modes as there was no other alternative. Teachers added that it would take another three to four years for them to learn about the current sessions they have been missing during the pandemic. Veera Chary added, “We have to teach children from the basics and have no other alternative measures to help them.”

The government is also considering rescheduling the holidays due to the current Covid situation in the state, confirmed an education official who requested anonymity. He added that most of the children had access to mobile phones and could study though YouTube as well. “Other than TV networks, 99 per cent of students have access to smart mobile phones and can use them to study as that is the only option left if the holidays are extended,” said the education official.

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