Post-pandemic, students’ writing speed goes down

Parents and teachers complained that students were writing ‘d’ for ‘the’ and ‘fav’ for ‘favourite’ and so on

HYDERABAD: Sudden shift to online education has impacted learning and writing capacities of students, according to teachers.

Apart from reduced concentration abilities and inappropriate behaviour, students started using internet slang and texting language in schools and answer sheets.

Parents and teachers complained that students were writing ‘d’ for ‘the’ and ‘fav’ for ‘favourite’ and so on.

Apart from that, the ability to form proper sentences without grammatical mistakes is also a concern.

“Students do not want to write, they just want to talk. They have lost the habit of writing which slowed down their writing and reading speed. The entire reading and writing basics have gone for a toss,” said Venkat Sainath, joint secretary, Hyderabad Schools Parents’ Association.

Many parents said they did not have a choice and could not pay attention as homework was also to be sent through PDFs. Asif Hussain, a parent and member of the Telangana Parents Association said at least the examination time must be increased by 20 to 30 minutes due to poor writing ability of students.

However, not all parents agree with Asif Hussain. Shifa Shroff, a parent in the city, said that it was time when students realised the importance of academics and not blame Covid as they were having fun out of schools and visiting several places without masks.

“Why do parents encourage students to use mobile phones at home and not in school? Why are they okay with this habit of students? Technology has ruined lives of students and has created havoc to brain development. Even the above average students take three months to improve their writing skills provided they practice daily. The switching cost will be painful and time consuming, but will be beneficial for students in the long run,” said Diana Monteiro, a counselling psychologist.

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