Watch: Indians rescue tourist who fell into well after failed selfie attempt

Locals made a rope from shirts and rescued the tourist from the 30-feet deep well.

Junagadh: An Austrian tourist was rescued by locals in Junagadh, after she slipped and fell into a well while trying to take a selfie.

The incident occurred when the woman was visiting the famous historical fort of Junagadh in Gujarat. She fell into the 30-feet well after a failed attempt to take a selfie, according to reports. Locals rushed to her rescue after hearing her scream for help.

The quick thinking passers-by took off their shirt and tied them in knots to make a rope and then threw it in the well to help the woman out.

In the video, locals can be heard loudly encouraging the woman as they pull her out with the rope. After she was rescued, she lay exhausted on the ground and asked the rescuers for some water. The woman known as Friedel, sustained a wound on her leg.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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